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Massive Python Spotted Moving at Incredible Speed

python moves at surprising speed
Brown Python. Image via Pixabay

This video shows a massive python. Not only is it extremely thick, but also incredibly long. Eventually, the python catches a whiff of the cameraman and is seen moving away at a surprising speed, reminding us that even though they may look heavy and lumpy, they can move really fast (making them even scarier.)

How Big Do Pythons Usually Get?

Pythons are among the largest snakes in the world, with some species growing longer than 20 feet. The reticulated python, in particular, holds the record for the longest snake – measuring more than 30 feet in length at times.

These snakes are not only long but also incredibly thick. Their bodies can be as wide as a grown man’s waist! Despite their size, pythons can skillfully blend into their surroundings, making them excellent ambush predators.

How Fast Are Pythons?

Despite their huge size, pythons can move surprisingly quickly. This is especially true when they feel threatened or are on the hunt.

On average, pythons can slither at speeds of up to 1 mile per hour. When they’re hunting prey through, or escaping a perceived threat, they can move even faster.

Python Moving at Surprising Speed: The Footage

“Massive Python Spotted in Ballito”, Source: YouTube, Uploaded: Jason Moolman

Why Are Pythons So Dangerous?

They are constrictors, meaning they wrap around their prey and squeeze until the prey can no longer breathe. This method of hunting means that they can take down animals much larger than themselves, including deer and even crocodiles in some cases.

The Force of a Python Hug

The constricting force of a python is not just a squeeze; it’s a deadly hug. 

The force it can exert pressure exceeding several pounds per square inch. This force halts the circulation of blood, causing the prey’s organs to fail due to lack of oxygen.

Also, the python doesn’t loosen its grip until its certain its prey has stopped breathing. In other words, there’s no fooling this sneaky snake.

Python Moving at Surprising Speed: Wrapping Up

Australian Water Python
By Sheba_Also 43,000 photos –, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Even before knowing how fast pythons can move, I was already terrified of these scaly giants. You’d think that being so large would make them sluggish and slow – but this video definitely shows us that’s far from the truth.

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