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Meet This Family Who Lives with 7 Pet Tigers

family lives with pet tigers
Image by @Truly via YouTube

This family from Brazil lives with seven pet tigers who roam around their house – although highly controversial, they love their feline family members like any other family member.

Introducing the Unusual Borges Family

family lives with pet tigers
Image by @Truly via YouTube

In Maringá, Brazil, you will find the Borges family. This family is not quite like other families – some family members have four legs and striped fur. 

Aryas Borges, along with his daughters Nayara, Uyara, and Deusanira, share their home with seven tigers. These massive creatures have become family members who eat, sleep, and play alongside the Borges.

How the Tiger Obsession Started

tiger cub
Tiger cub. Image via Depositphotos

Aryas Borges’s love for tigers began when he came across two tigers who suffered a horrible quality of life at a local circus. He felt he just had to do something to help these poor animals. Consequently, he decided to bring them home.

This marked the start of what would become a lifelong commitment to helping tigers.

Daily Life with a Pet Tiger

family lives with pet tigers
Image by @Truly via YouTube

The Borge family treats their seven pet tigers like any other cat – they’re allowed to roam the house freely and get walked on a leash. Of course, they receive mountains of cuddles, and sometimes the tigers even join them for a dip in the pool.

The Next Step: Opening a 40-acre Eco Park

family lives with pet tigers
Image by @Truly via YouTube

Even though they love having their tigers around, after all they’re like family members, the plan is to open a 40-acre eco park. This will give their tigers a more natural habitat along with other rescued animals. At the same time, he hopes to promoted conservation and education about these often misunderstood creatures.

Family Lives with Tigers: Conclusion

YouTube video
“Living with tigers: Family share home with pet tigers”, Source: YouTube, Uploaded: Truly

Some families want more than just the standard cat or dog, and the Borges family definitely lives a different kind of life with these huge feline family members.

Would you ever dare to keep tigers in your house?

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