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Must-See: Mind-Blowing Drone Shots of Sheep Being Herded

sheep being herded seen from the sky
©Caters Clips - YouTube

With anything in life, getting a new perspective on things is always a good thing. This incredible drone footage of sheep being herded will definitely give you a new appreciation for the art of herding.

The Footage That Will Blow Your Mind

The footage presents a remarkable scene: hundreds of sheep, akin to a flowing river of wool, traverse the green fields of New Zealand. The aerial perspective, provided by Whittaker’s drone, highlights the scale and beauty of this pastoral choreography. The sheep, at first scattered, gradually coalesce into a cohesive group, moving as one under the guidance of their canine shepherds.

How Sheep Are Herded

dog herding sheep

Sheep herding is an art form perfected over centuries.

Herding involves guiding a flock from one location to another, often to better grazing areas or for shelter. In the video, dogs play a pivotal role, working in tandem with the shepherd. They use a combination of commands, body language, and an intrinsic understanding of sheep behavior to get the job done together.

How Big Is a Flock of Sheep?

sheep being herded seen from the sky
©Caters Clips – YouTube

Typically, a flock can range from a few dozen to several hundred sheep, depending on the size of the farm and the resources available.

In this case, the sheer number of sheep, possibly in the hundreds, emphasizes the scale of agricultural operations in New Zealand and the importance of efficient herding techniques.

Herds: Power in Numbers

sheep being herded seen from the sky
©Caters Clips – YouTube

There’s always power in numbers, and herd or flock living is one of the most common defensive tactics seen throughout the animal kingdom in a wide range of species. It deters predators through the confusion caused by large numbers and creates an effective alarm system where one alerted animal can warn the entire group.

What a beautiful reminder that we’re always better when we’re together.

Pros of Living in a Herd

  • Safety in Numbers: Predation risk is reduced as multiple sheep can keep watch for danger.
  • Social Structure: Herds allow for a complex social interaction, crucial for sheep’s mental health.
  • Genetic Diversity: Breeding within a herd ensures strong genetic traits are passed on.
  • Efficient Management: For farmers, herding simplifies tasks like feeding, health checks, and shearing.
  • Warmth and Comfort: In colder climates, huddling together helps sheep maintain body warmth.

Cons of Living in a Herd

flock of sheep on mountain
  • Disease Spread: Close proximity can lead to rapid transmission of illnesses.
  • Resource Competition: Higher competition for food, water, and space.
  • Stress and Anxiety: Overcrowding can lead to increased stress levels in individual sheep.
  • Individual Health Concerns: In large herds, specific health issues of individual sheep might be overlooked.
  • Behavioral Constraints: Limited space and resources can restrict natural behaviors like grazing and roaming.

The Sheep of New Zealand

portrait of a sheep

New Zealand is renowned for its sheep farming, a critical component of the country’s agriculture. The sheep in the video represent just a fraction of the country’s vast flocks. New Zealand’s sheep are primarily raised for wool and meat, with the country being one of the world’s largest wool producers.

Drone Footage of Sheep Being Herded: Conclusion


The traditional practices, coupled with modern technology like drone photography, bring a new perspective to this ancient occupation. Watching this process from the sky brings us a newfound appreciation for the intricate practice of herding sheep, and the sheer size of their flocks.

Thank you for reading this article showcasing the incredible aerial view of sheep being herded! Continue to be amazed my Mother Nature:

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