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Helpless Miniature Poodle Covered In 8 Pounds Of Fur

A dog was covered in 8 pounds of fur
The Washington Post / A dog was covered in 8 pounds of fur. His owner was charged with cruelty.

On Saturday, Chief Ken Ross was contacted by a woman who reported neglect of her neighbor’s dog in New York.

8 Pounds of Fur Removed
NRRW / Watch: 8 Pounds of Fur Removed from Helpless NY Dog

Establishing the county’s SPCA in 2010, Ross has encountered numerous abused animals. Nevertheless, his astonishment was unparalleled upon encountering the miniature poodle. With over eight pounds of fur enshrouding its eyes and face, resembling tentacles, the sight left him truly taken aback.

The dog‘s owner faced charges of animal cruelty, following which the officers transported Pierre, the 9-year-old dog, to a veterinary hospital.

Across a span of two hours, three veterinarians meticulously shaved and trimmed Pierre’s fur, eliminating traces of urine and feces and uncovering a previously concealed red collar around his neck. The transformation was remarkable, as Pierre emerged looking like an entirely new dog, shedding weight from 22 to 13.8 pounds.

8 Pounds of Fur Removed from Helpless NY Dog
NRRW / Watch: 8 Pounds of Fur Removed from Helpless NY Dog

The Post was unable to contact Brian Edwards, the individual identified by the SPCA as the owner of the dog. According to Ross, his neighbors in Patterson, N.Y., attested that they hadn’t witnessed Pierre outdoors for seven years.

Jason Berg, the animal hospital’s founder, mentioned that Pierre’s fur had been steadily growing for a span of at least 18 months. Due to the discomfort Pierre experienced when his fur was touched, doctors decided to sedate him. Subsequently, a team of three veterinarians employed clippers and razors to painstakingly eliminate the accumulated fur. As they worked, they gradually revealed his tan skin, having to cut through inches of overgrown fur.

Pierre has recovered well since being treated and is waiting for a loving new home to take him in.

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The Before and After Math

A dog was covered in 8 pounds of fur

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