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Mischievous Cub Dragged by its Tail- A Mom Will Always be A Mom!

Mom being Mom no matter the species
Mom being Mom no matter the species. Image (Screenshot) by via YouTube

Amidst the sprawling plains of Africa, this phenomenal landscape of life and death, every animal moved in harmony with nature. A great story of a mother and her mischievous cub which portrayed the beauty of life.

A lioness with the intensity of the sun hot on her fur eyes her playful cub with an unrelenting gaze. Each action she does shows the factors that form this overprotectiveness personality of her.

A Bond Beyond Words

Cub Dragged with it's tail by lioness
Cub Dragged with it’s tail by lioness. Image (Screenshot) by via YouTube

There are moments when two characters who are brought together by fate feel a special connection that does not require speaking. They don’t need words when they constantly look, smile, touch, and laugh meaningfully in their own code.

Life in the Pride

Lioness and Cub roaming free
Lioness and Cub roaming free. Image (Screenshot) by via YouTube

Life under the pride means that one is not only protected but also educated from the time the cub is young. The lesson here is survival, and the lioness passes them on to her mischievous cubs for them to embrace the wild as they grow up.

Protective Embrace

Lion and Cub Wandering
Lion and Cub Wandering. Image (Screenshot) by via YouTube

The video shows setting of the sun, little grass and long shadows The story draws a picture of the lioness standing guard between her and her cub, the world. Carefully she pulled her young cub with its tail, away from the elements of harm. Though her eyes are calm, they hold wisdom to the vices of life.

Guiding the Young

Multiple Cubs and Lioness in Frame
Multiple Cubs and Lioness in Frame. Image (Screenshot) by via YouTube

When the cub tries to get a taste of an independent life, being oblivious to the dangers lurking in the wild. The lioness is always around to protect its cubs.

Unseen Bonds 

Lioness and Cubs Near Tourist's Jeep
Lioness and Cubs Near Tourist’s Jeep. Image (Screenshot) by via YouTube

While the video progresses, the lioness and her cub keep walking around. As the constant companionship between them remains wordless, it is as profound as any verbal conversation. It is the bond that can be seen as a covenant of faith where they agree on the understanding that she will always look out for them and lead them through any obstacle life throws at them.

Our Thoughts

Cub Dragged with it's tail by lioness
Cub Dragged with it’s tail by lioness. Image (Screenshot) by via YouTube

The symbiotic relationship between the lioness and the mischievous cub is another living testament that nature is beautiful. It indeed is the act of a model symbiotic relationship that makes one feel incredible admiration and respect, the true cycle of life.

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