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Monkey Uses Computer at Railway Office

Langur monkey
Langur monkey

Here we are, worrying that AI will soon take over our jobs. We might have another competitor flanking us from the right. I bet you didn’t expect monkeys to join in on the fun.

Monkey’s Hilarious Antics

Image source: Facebook

A video went viral on Facebook in which a langur monkey is seated in front of a computer, apparently doing some office work. This comedic incident took place at the West Bengal’s Railway Station Enquiry Office, India. He is seen scanning through documents and typing whatever it is that he “read”. Masterful mimicry indeed. If you are ever in need of a personal assistant, don’t neglect to add one of these on your list of possible candidates.

Watch the video here

Fascinating Facts About Langur Monkeys

Langur monkeys, with their distinctive appearance and intriguing behavior, are found in various parts of Asia. These primates, belonging to the Colobinae subfamily, offer a wealth of interesting facts and insights into the animal kingdom.

1. Varied Species: Langurs encompass a diverse group of species, with the Hanuman langur and the Gray langur being among the most well-known. Their appearances vary from species to species, with differences in coat color, facial features, and body size.

2. Social Creatures: Langurs are highly social animals, often living in groups known as troops. These troops can consist of a few individuals to over a hundred members, with females typically forming the core of the group, along with their offspring.

3. Diet and Foraging: Langurs are primarily herbivorous, with leaves forming a significant part of their diet. They are known to have specialized stomachs that help them digest cellulose-rich plant material, making them efficient herbivores.

4. Colorful Youngsters: Baby langurs are born with bright orange or yellow fur, in stark contrast to the adults. This distinct coloration helps protect them by diverting predators’ attention away from the more vulnerable infants.

5. Threatened Status: Several langur species are currently listed as threatened or endangered due to habitat loss and poaching. Conservation efforts are underway to protect these unique primates and their ecosystems.


Intriguing and diverse, langur monkeys offer a fascinating glimpse into the world of primates. From their striking appearances to their intricate social structures, these creatures continue to captivate both researchers and wildlife enthusiasts, underscoring the importance of their conservation.

Up next, a monkey plays basketball with a melon.

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