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Watch: Moose Rings House Doorbell in Alaska

Moose Rings Doorbell
"Moose Rings Doorbell" via The Alaska Frontier

Let’s watch the moment when a large moose rings a doorbell in Alaska.

This captivating moment, caught by a doorbell camera, provides an intimate glimpse of a moose exploring a homeowner’s deck. 

This video makes you wonder what they would do if they opened their house door to find a moose just steps away. 

Natural Curiosity

The moose exhibits a natural curiosity that is both intriguing and touching.

The sounds of the moose sniffing and licking the door provide a rare auditory experience of wildlife exploration. 

The encounter captured in the video showcases the gentle side of a creature that exhibits a simple curiosity about the world around it.

The Gentle Giant Retreats

After a few moments of exploration, the video shows the moose starting to back away from the door. This movement could be interpreted as a realization of its misplacement or the conclusion of its brief investigation.

The moose leaves the porch in a silent farewell to an unexpected visit. 

The Video

“Caught On Doorbell Camera – Close Encounter With A Moose In Alaska” via The Alaska Frontier

Let me know what you would do if a Moose Rings your Doorbell in the comments!

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