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Must-Watch: Female Tiger Tries to Steal Male’s Meal

tiger tries to steal meal
Image by @Latest Sightings via YouTube

Getting your paws on prey is a hard job (even if you’re a lethal feline), but keeping it your own is just as hard. Scroll down to see how this female tiger tries to steal the hard-earned meal of somebody else.

Every Man For Themselves in the World of Tigers

Image via depositphotos.

In nature, we often see the beauty of teamwork. With social animals, the health of the whole pack, flock, tribe, or clan is the number one priority.

In the world of tigers, it’s the opposite. It’s every man for himself. 

Tigers are known for their solitary nature and roam expansive territories alone. Each tiger claims a vast area—up to several hundred square miles—as its own to hunt and live.

Male Tiger Vs. Female Tiger

Because of their solitary nature, male and female tigers barely interact. If they do, it’s only centered around mating or territorial disputes – or stealing a meal, as seen in this video.

Males typically possess larger territories that may overlap with several females. Physical confrontations are rare, but if they occur, they’re intense.

The Video: Female Tiger Tries to Steal a Meal

YouTube video
“Tigress tries stealing huge male’s meal”, Source: YouTube, Uploaded: Latest Sightings

Tigers are incredibly shy creatures. So, to spot one is amazing – but to spot two at the same time is beyond incredible (making this footage all the more special.)

The video shows a fight between a female and a male tiger, which breaks out because the female wants to score an easy meal. She tries to steal the male tiger’s prey, but he’s not letting it slip away that easy.

Why Do They Call It a Tiger?

baby tiger
Image by slowmotiongli via Depositphotos

Have you ever wondered how tigers got their name? The answer lies in their impressive speed.

The name “tiger” comes from ‘tigris’, a Greek word that possibly originated from a Persian source meaning arrow, referencing the animal’s incredible speed. And if we use a smidge of imagination, don’t their stripes look a little like arrows? 

Female Tiger Tries to Steal Meal: Wrapping Up

Seeing these two apex predators in action, launching their muscled bodies against each other, is a solid reminder of how dangerous these big cats are.

Thank you for reading this article about the female tiger who tries to steal a meal! For more tiger things, read these posts:

Paul G.

Sunday 14th of April 2024

The girl knew she didn’t have a chance. The big boy showed a lot of restraint and respect for her, maybe?

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