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Naughty Lion Cubs Disturb Their Sleeping Dad Trying to Nap

cubs disturbing dad
Image by LatestSightings via YouTube

Kids annoying, teasing and waking up their parents is apparently not something exclusive to humans – scroll down to watch this video of some naughty lion cubs who disturb their dad just trying to take a peaceful nap.

Do Male Lions Make Good Dads?

Granted, it’s the lioness that does the majority of childrearing in the lion pride: she hunts to feed them and teaches all the required survival tricks.

This image of the dad lounging in the sun is not an unusual one. But that being said, should there be any danger the lion dad will jump up in defence – ready to do anything for his family.

Not Just Any Lion

cubs disturbing dad
Image by LatestSightings via YouTube

The lions seen in this video are not only a cute scene, it also provides a rare sight: white lions. White lions are a genetic variant of the African lion, predominantly found in wildlife reserves.

These lions are not albinos as you might think, they have leucism, a genetic condition that results in their lighter color. 

How Rare Are White Lions?

White lion. Image via depsitphotos.

You’ve probably guessed that these kinds of lions are really rare, but do you know just how rare they are? According to estimations, there are not more than 200 white lions left on our planet.

Can Take Down Whole Giraffes

White lions have a significant disadvantaged because of their white coloring. It makes it much harder for them to camouflage, and this is especially true for the lions in the video who live in the green landscape of the Eastern Cape in South Africa.

Despite this disadvantage, this pack of lions have been seen taking down whole giraffes.

The Video: Lion Cubs Disturb Dad

YouTube video
“Naughty lion cubs bother dad trying to sleep”, Source: YouTube, Uploaded: Latest Sightings

Wrapping Up

Lions live completely different lives to us – but naughty kids disturbing their dad is probably a running theme in all species in our world.

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