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Octopus Stuck to Diver’s Back and Won’t Come Off

octopus stuck to diver's back
Image by Caters Clip via YouTube

A diver returns from a trip under the sea with an unexpectedly clingy friend: an octopus stuck to his back. Is this maybe how octopuses hug?

How Strong Is the Suction of an Octopus?

octopus trades cup for shell
Image by Diane Picchiottino via Unsplash

Octopuses are equipped with suction cups on their tentacles that are incredibly effective at holding onto surfaces, both under the sea and out of it. These suction cups are muscle-lined cavities that create a vacuum when pressed against a surface.

On average, each suction cup can support around 2 to 4 pounds of weight – and remember, an octopus has around 2,200 suction cups each! 

The Video: Octopus Stuck to Diver’s Back

YouTube video
“Clingy octopus sticks to divers back”, Source: YouTube, Uploaded: Caters Clips

A diver returns to the boat after a dip in the sea, and although he doesn’t know it, he’s brought a friend with him.

The octopus, which is fairly large in size, that’s stuck on his back is determined not to let go. After many tries and janks and pulls, the octopus comes off.

It’s pretty safe to say that he was never in any danger – but these eight-legged-creatures nonetheless give me the creeps-

Are They Friendly Creatures (Or should you keep away?)

octopus punching fish
They can change color and texture to blend with their surroundings. Image by wrangle via Depositphotos

Octopuses are generally not aggressive towards humans. They are curious creatures and may approach divers and snorkelers out of curiosity. However, their interaction should not be mistaken for domesticated pet-like behavior. 

While few octopuses are strong and/or big enough to hurt you, it’s not a risk I would take, especially if you’re out diving and outside your “natural habitat”. 

Octopus Stuck to Diver’s Back: Wrapping Up

This diver exited the sea with a surprising treasure, or an unwelcome guest, depending on how you feel about octopuses. Either way, this curious octopus showed off its species’ incredible suction capability.

Thank you for reading this article about the octopus stuck on a diver’s back! For more interaction between divers and marine life, take a look here:


Friday 26th of April 2024

Octopuses do NOT have tentacles!!!! They have arms, squid have tentacles! Really wish people that write these "articles" actually do their "homework" before spreading misinformation!

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