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Old Man Saves Terrified Wombat Stranded After a Flood

man rescues wombat
Image by We Love Animals via YouTube

Kangaroos are the iconic Australian animal everyone knows, but I think wombats should be just as famous – who could resist their chunky faces? Get to know this underrated animal in this story where an old man saves a wombat!

What Is a Wombat Actually?

Image by Michael Jerrard via Unsplash

Wombats are a slightly less well-known iconic native Australian animal. They’re marsupials just like kangaroos, but far less famous than their cousins.

Wombats are nocturnal and stocky creatures – they are about as big as a medium-sized dog, typically weighing between 44 to 77 pounds. Known for their short legs and strong builds, these marsupials are exceptional diggers, creating extensive burrows for shelter. 

Found On an Island of Debris

Following a serious flood, a lone wombat is found on an island debris, with no way to get to safety. These chunky guys are not natural swimmers at all, so without this rescue team, it likely would’ve died. 

The Rescue Mission

YouTube video
Elderly man rescues panicked wombat”, Source: YouTube, Uploaded: We Love Animals

Using a noose and a net and a good amount of patience, the team eventually manages to catch the wombat in the net and pull it up.

Despite being in a panicked state, and probably starving and thirsty, this wombat has a surprisingly feisty response to being handled.

To calm the wombat down, they put him in a bag and take him to a wombat-safe area, where he can regain his strength from this rough ordeal.

Crushing Skulls With Their Butts

Image by David Clode via Unsplash

If you look closely, you’ll see how the man who saves the wombat puts it inside the bag with its butt first – this is entirely on purpose to keep them all safe.

Interestingly, wombats possess a unique defense mechanism: their tough rear ends. Composed of dense cartilage, a wombat’s bum is their main defense. They can even crush skulls of aggressors by retreating into their burrows and using their butts to block the entrance!

Old Man Saves Wombat: Wrapping Up

Another day and another animal has been brought to safety. With floods becoming increasingly common, we should maybe all learn from this so that we know how to help an animal in need the next time.

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