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Watch: Orangutan Rambo Takes Joyride on Golf Cart

Orangutan drives golf cart
Orangutan drives golf cart

In the ever-evolving world of viral internet sensations, few moments have captured the collective imagination quite like when an orangutan drives a golf cart. This remarkable video showcases the unexpected and delightful talents of Rambo, an orangutan with a penchant for driving.

Orangutan drives golf cart
Screenshot from Animalia Orangutan Rambo drives her golf cart. Source: Youtube, Uploaded: Animalia

Not only can she expertly manoeuvre a golf cart, but she’s also been spotted behind the wheel of a sleek Porsche Boxster and a robust Nissan Patrol SUV. This isn’t a mere stunt; Rambo has been driving since her younger days, graduating from toy vehicles to full-sized ones.

Behind the Wheel

While the golf cart video is undoubtedly entertaining, Rambo’s driving repertoire doesn’t end there. She’s been seen cruising in a Porsche Boxster, a vehicle known for its style and performance. And for those off-road adventures?

Rambo opts for the Nissan Patrol SUV. Her journey began with toy cars and skateboards, and as she grew, so did her vehicles. Now, she confidently roams the private property, occasionally passing by tiger cages or taking a leisurely drive by the waterfront.

Watch Orangutan Rambo Take a Joyride on Golf Cart

YouTube video
Animalia Orangutan Rambo drives her golf cart. Source: Youtube, Uploaded: Animalia

From Meme to Mainstream

  • The video featuring Rambo driving a golf cart debuted in September 2021.
  • Uploaded by YouTube user Cristal mix Vlog.
  • The clip highlighted Rambo’s driving skills at Sheikha Fatima Rashed Al Maktoum’s menagerie in Dubai.
  • Rapid popularity saw the video garner over 8 million views in a mere four months.
  • Meme creators and YouTubers soon began remixing the video, adding catchy music and innovative edits.

The Controversy Behind the Wheel

While many find the videos of Rambo driving endearing, they’ve also sparked debates about animal rights and the ethics of using animals for entertainment. Critics argue that such practices promote the idea that wild animals exist solely for human amusement.

On the other hand, Sheikha Fatima, the owner of the private zoo where Rambo resides, has expressed her deep love and passion for animals, emphasizing her personal relationship with each one.

Rambo’s Life Beyond Driving

Rambo’s talents aren’t limited to driving. She’s been seen engaging in various activities, from reading books about her species to playing games like Scrabble. Her life in Dubai is filled with adventures, whether she’s fishing by the water in a stylish hat or simply enjoying a ride in her favourite vehicles.

Final Thoughts On Rambo’s Joyride on Golf Cart

Rambo the Orangutan has undoubtedly captured the hearts of many with her driving skills. However, her story also serves as a reminder of the broader discussions about animal rights and the responsibilities that come with keeping wild animals in captivity. As the debate continues, one thing is certain: Rambo’s adventures will keep us entertained and curious for a long time to come.

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Star Dykstra

Tuesday 11th of June 2024

Better driver than some I have seen. that's amazing and really not surprising considering how smart they are.

Amy Ryan

Friday 7th of June 2024

I love ALL animals!! And LOVE seeing pictures, & love learning all about them

Cindy Knotts

Thursday 6th of June 2024

What a way to start my day!! This story about Rambo is wonderful. It's so nice to see things like this in a world gone mad. Leave it to the animal kingdom to make life worth living.

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