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Watch: Orangutan Tosses Possum Like A Frisbee

Orangutan finds possum in its treehouse — and throws it ‘like a frisbee,’ video shows
YouTube / New York Post: Orangutan launches possum out of enclosure at zoo — as horrified visitors scream
Orangutan launches possum out of enclosure at zoo — as horrified visitors scream. Source: Youtube, Uploaded: New York Post

An orangutan residing in an Australian zoo discovered an unwelcome intruder in its treetop abode, and its response was to physically and playfully eject the uninvited guest!

Orangutan finds possum in its treehouse — and throws it ‘like a frisbee,’ video shows
Screenshot from Orangutan launches possum out of enclosure at zoo — as horrified visitors scream. Source: Youtube, Uploaded: New York Post

In the footage, a possum can be observed soaring from a treehouse into the sky, accompanied by audible cries of surprise from onlookers as the possum vanishes beyond the perimeter wall of the enclosure.

Returning to the treehouse, the camera captures the moment when an orangutan emerges, a massive, tangerine-colored ape, seemingly gazing in the direction where the possum had disappeared, as revealed in the video.

Additionally, the unidentified individual who shared the information with 7 News, an Australian media source, described how the orangutan launched the possum “similar to a frisbee.

“The possum was sighted scurrying off after being evicted. They are a very robust species,” said Perth Zoo reassured McClatchy.

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The Eject

Orangutans can be a little naughty at times. Image via cuatrok77, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Orangutan Characteristics And Behaviors

Orangutans are fascinating creatures native to Southeast Asia, known for their unique characteristics and behaviors. Here are some key characteristics and behaviors of orangutans:


  • Orangutans are the largest arboreal (tree-dwelling) primates in the world.
  • Additionally, they have long, shaggy reddish-brown hair that covers their bodies, which helps them blend into their forest habitat.


  • They inhabit the rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra, which are in Southeast Asia.
  • They primarily inhabit dense tropical forests but are known to occasionally venture into swampy areas.

Solitary Lifestyle

  • Orangutans are largely solitary animals, with adult males and females typically leading independent lives.
  • They have large home ranges, and their solitary nature is partly due to the scarcity of food resources in their habitats.


  • Orangutans are primarily frugivorous, meaning they primarily eat fruit. Fruits make up a significant portion of their diet.
  • They also consume leaves, bark, insects, and occasionally small vertebrates.

Arboreal Adaptations:

  • Orangutans are superb tree climbers and spend most of their lives in the trees.
  • They also have long, powerful arms and flexible hands and feet with opposable thumbs, which make them well-suited for swinging from branch to branch.

Males vs. Females:

  • Adult male orangutans are significantly larger than females, with distinctive cheek pads and a throat pouch that they develop as they mature.
  • Female orangutans do not have these secondary sexual characteristics.


  • Female orangutans have the longest inter-birth intervals of any mammal, typically giving birth to a single offspring every 6-9 years.
  • Infant orangutans are completely dependent on their mothers for several years, and the bond between mother and child is strong.

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Tool Use:

  • Orangutans use tools, including leaves for shelter, branches for reaching food, and even makeshift umbrellas during rain.
  • Their ability to learn and adapt to their environment is impressive.


  • Orangutans communicate using a variety of vocalizations, such as long calls, which can be heard over long distances.
  • They also use body language, facial expressions, and gestures to convey information and emotions.

Endangered Status:

  • Habitat loss, deforestation, and illegal hunting are the primary reasons for the critical endangerment of orangutans.
  • Conservation efforts are crucial for their survival, and many organizations work to protect their natural habitats and combat the illegal wildlife trade.

Overall, understanding the characteristics and behaviors of orangutans is essential for their conservation, as it helps researchers and conservationists develop strategies to protect these remarkable primates and their fragile ecosystems.

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Bottom Line

Orangutan learn from their Mum
Orangutan learn everything they need from their mum. Image via Bruce Poon, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

In conclusion, in this intriguing footage, we witness a captivating moment in the natural world, where a possum takes an unexpected flight from a treehouse, leaving onlookers in awe. Furthermore, the audible gasps of surprise as the possum disappears beyond the enclosure’s wall highlight the sheer astonishment of the observers.

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