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Pet Panther Jumps Into Bed To Get Cuddles

pet panther jumps into bed
Image by Monarch Hill Productions via YouTube

People keep all sorts of different pets, but have you ever seen a pet panther? and even if you’ve seen that, have you ever seen a pet panther who jumps into bed to demand some much-needed cuddles?

Image via Depositphotos

The legality of owning a panther varies by state in the U.S. In some states it’s completely forbidden to keep any sort of big cats as pets.

In other states, it’s allowed, but it nonetheless requires permits that come with specific requirements for enclosure and safety measures. These states include Idaho, Indiana, Maine, Montana, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, and Texas.

Just How Big Is a Panther?

Panthers, also known as cougars or mountain lions depending on the region, can grow quite large, weighing anywhere from 64 to 220 pounds. 

Their big size (while still being slender) is one main reasons why these big cats are so impressive but also highlights the potential danger and difficulty of keeping such large predators in a home environment.

The Video: Panther Jumps Into Bed to Get Cuddles

YouTube video
“Pet panther gets in bed”, Source: YouTube, Uploaded: Monarch Hill Productions

The video starts with a panther jumping out of a car and walking into a house. This would seem like a cause for panic seeing as they’re ferocious apex predators, but the people in the video are as calm as can be which gives rise to the suspicion that it’s a pet panther.

This suspicion is further confirmed when we see a water bowl on the floor (which is way too big to belong to a normal cat or dog.)

If we ever doubted that it’s a pet panther it becomes unquestionable when it jumps into bed to get some cuddles from its owner.

Wrapping Up

Some people keep kittens, while others keep panthers. Different strokes for different blokes is what they say right? As mesmerizing as the video is though, keeping wild and dangerous animals should always be advised against – both for your safety and for the happiness of the animal.

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