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Pet Puma Demands Cuddles and Plays with Its Own Teddy Bear

pet puma demands cuddles
Image by Raccoon TV via YouTube

This video shows the softer side of one of the world’s fiercest predators: a pet puma who demands cuddles.

Maybe there’s a normal house cat in need of cuddles inside every big cat?

4th Biggest Cat in the World

cougar vs. wolf
Image via Depositphotos

Pumas rank as the fourth largest cats in the world, trailing only the tiger, lion, and jaguar in size.

Adult males can reach up to 220 pounds and stretch about 8 feet from nose to tail tip. Females are generally smaller, weighing up to 140 pounds. 

Other than their lethal predatory instincts, it’s this massive size that makes them controversial pets.  

The Many Noises a Puma Makes

Everyone is familiar with the iconic roar of a lion, but the different sounds of a puma are far less famous. 

Pumas make many different sounds. These include purrs, hisses, growls, and the infamous “scream.” The scream, often associated with mating calls sounds like a high-pitched shriek. 

Just like with human communication, these sounds indicate a range of emotions, such as fear, anger, or pleasure.

World-Class Jumpers

Pumas are scary strong but are also just as agile as Olympic acrobats. They can leap as high as 18 feet in the air and as far as 40 to 45 feet horizontally in a single bound. 

The Video: Pet Puma Demands Cuddles

YouTube video
“БАННЫЙ ДЕНЬ / Ласковая пума и мейн кун спасатель”, Source: YouTube, Uploaded: Raccoon TV

The puma in the video is a pet puma who was born in captivity. Although it may be tempting because of their adorable face and giant eyes, never ever attempt to pet a wild puma under any circumstance – unless you’d like to become a meal.

With curious eyes, the puma inspects the bath – but it’s uncertain whether is for the puma or its owner. Either way, the puma soon loses interest in the bath and shows off its surprisingly loving nature by demanding cuddles from its owner.

As if this wasn’t cute enough, it also has its very own teddy bear.

Wrapping Up

It’s definitely not advised to keep these giant predators as pets, but we can’t help but me amazed at this video that illustrates their surprisingly cuddly side.

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