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Pitbull Loves To Nap On Dad’s Shoulder – Even when She’s Grown Up!

Pitbull rest on man's shoulder
Image via Bored Panda

Let’s discover the adorable bond between Annabelle, a pitbull, and her human, Bobby, as she continues her habit of takinga nap on his shoulder.

Annabelle’s Unique Comfort Spot

Pitbull nap on man's shoulder
Image via Bored Panda

Ever since she was a puppy, Annabelle the pitbull has shown an unusual preference for napping. But rather than curling up in a dog bed, she rests on her human, Bobby’s shoulder. 

This adorable habit has continued into her adulthood, and now, she is a full-grown dog that weighs over 50 pounds! So, it is quite a different experience for Bobby now…

Growth Doesn’t Change Old Habits

Pitbull nap on man's shoulder
Image via Bored Panda

As Annabelle grew from a tiny puppy into a robust dog, one might expect her to outgrow some childlike behaviors. 

However, her love for snuggling on Bobby’s shoulder remains unchanged. This continuation of puppy-like behavior into adulthood is a testament to her personality and the consistent love and comfort she receives from her human. 

Videos of these cuddle sessions capture Annabelle’s size compared to Bobby and her sheer joy and contentment during these moments.

Social Media Stardom with Brother Norman

Annabelle and Norman via TikTok

Annabelle and her brother Norman have become a sensation on social media. 

Their owner regularly shares videos showcasing their daily activities and the special moments they share with their human family. 

These videos have attracted a significant following and spotlighted the pitbull breed’s affectionate nature. 

In this way, Annabelle and Norman help challenge common misconceptions about pitbulls.

The Bond That Grows and Shows


I showed my husband this video and he said “you know what would make it better? If you had a video of them doing it when they were puppies.” So if you need me, I’ll be scouring 4 years worth of footage for a video I’m almost certain doesn’t exist 😤 #dogs #dogsoftiktok #dogtok #dogsiblings #littermates

♬ Dreams – Acoustic – Jada Facer & Dave Moffatt

The relationship between Annabelle, Norman, and Bobby is a heartwarming example of the profound bond that can develop between dogs and their owners. 

This connection is beautifully illustrated through their daily interactions and shared moments, which captivate and charm their online audience. 

Annabelle’s preference for napping on Bobby’s shoulder symbolizes her trust and love, a daily reminder of their special relationship.

Let me know what you thought about this pitbull taking naps on her dad’s shoulder in the comments!

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