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Watch: Ragdoll Cat vs. Maine Coon – The Ultimate Cuddly Showdown (2024 Edition) 

Ragdoll cat and a Maine Coon cat. By Animals Around The Globe

For those searching for a furry companion that is both affectionate and laid back, look no further than the Ragdoll and Maine Coon cats. These gentle giants are beloved for their stunning appearance and exceptionally docile temperament. 

Ragdoll Catt vs. Maine Coon

Both breeds are known for their love of human companionship and make excellent house pets for families or individuals seeking a new best friend. So let’s take a closer look at what makes them unique so that you can decide which breed fits best with your family dynamic!

Size Comparison – Which Is Larger? 

Ragdoll Catt vs. Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is one of the largest domesticated breeds of cats. It can weigh up to 18 pounds (8 kg) and has a body length of up to 40 inches (100 cm). On the other hand, the Ragdoll cat is a much smaller breed with an average weight between 10 – 20 pounds (4.5 – 9 kg). The body length of a Ragdoll is typically 24-26 inches (60-66 cm). 

Regarding size comparison between these two famous cats, the Maine Coon is larger than the Ragdoll. In fact, in some cases, a Maine Coon may look twice as big as a Ragdoll! They have long fur and are amiable cats, but the Maine Coon is substantially bigger. The size is essential when choosing between these two breeds, as a larger cat will require more space and care. 

So if you are looking for a large pet that can provide lots of love and cuddles, then the Maine Coon may be an ideal choice! On the other hand, if you are looking for a smaller feline companion with fewer demands on your time and resources, then the Ragdoll might be more suited for your household. 

Grooming Habits – How To Keep Them Looking Their Best?

Ragdoll Catt vs. Maine Coon

Ragdoll cats are known for their beautiful, thick coats of fur that require regular brushing to keep looking their best. The brushing should be done at least once weekly with a brush for long-haired cats. In addition to brushing, Ragdolls may need occasional baths depending on their lifestyle; this can also be beneficial to keep the coat clean and healthy.

Maine Coon cats have medium-length coat that requires daily brushing or combing to prevent matting. It is essential to use brushes designed for cats and start from the tips of their fur and work your way up to the body, which will help reduce their shedding. 

Also, Maine Coons may need occasional baths, depending on their lifestyle. Still, it is important to use shampoo designed for cats to keep their skin and fur healthy. It is also beneficial to trim their nails every couple of weeks; this can be done with a pair of cat nail clippers or using a nail grinder designed specifically for cats. Doing so will help keep them from having overgrown nails that can cause discomfort and injury.

Overall, it is essential to keep up with regular grooming habits for both Ragdoll and Maine Coon cats!

Diet & Nutritional Requirements – Essential Foods For A Healthy Life

Ragdoll Catt vs. Maine Coon

When it comes to a healthy diet, both the Maine Coon and Ragdoll cats have similar dietary requirements. Both cats should consume food high in animal-based protein, such as small amounts of meat or fish; they also need plenty of vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables.

However, the two breeds have some specific differences regarding feeding requirements. For instance, the Ragdoll cat has an increased appetite compared to other cats, so it needs more calories in its daily diet to maintain a healthy weight. The ideal amount of calories per day for a Ragdoll cat is roughly 40-45 kcal/kg body weight. On the other hand, Maine Coons require slightly fewer calories per day (around 35-40 kcal/kg body weight).

It is also essential for both breeds to have access to fresh, clean water each day. In addition, dietary supplements can be given to both cats if their diet lacks vitamins and minerals. Accessories such as omega-3 fatty acids are especially beneficial for Maine Coons as they help nourish the skin, coat, and joints.

Lastly, feeding your cat a balanced diet that meets its nutritional needs is essential. 

Human Contact; Which Can Be The Best Pet?

Maine Coon cats are generally more social and friendly than Ragdoll cats. They enjoy interacting with people, playing together, snuggling, and getting their owners’ attention. Maine Coon cats can become very attached to their human family members and may even follow them around the house or sleep in bed with them.

Ragdoll cats, on the other hand, don’t tend to be as friendly or outgoing as Maine Coon cats. Ragdolls often prefer to spend time alone rather than being around many people. However, they still have a strong bond with their owners and can be affectionate when given proper attention and care. 

They usually seek out their owner’s lap whenever possible and enjoy being petted or snuggled. Though they may not be as vocal as Maine Coon cats, Ragdolls have their way of communicating with their people, which is just as endearing. 

When it comes to contact with other pets, both Ragdoll and Maine Coon cats enjoy the company of other cats. They may even become very close friends if introduced at an early age. However, it’s best to separate unfamiliar cats until they can get used to each other’s presence. Dogs tend to be too much for the sensitive Ragdoll kitties, so they should always be supervised around dogs of any size. 

On the other hand, Maine Coons are known for getting along well with most dogs and can even become quite attached to them. Overall, Ragdoll and Maine Coon cats make excellent pets for those looking for a loyal companion. With the right amount of love and attention, these beautiful cats will fill your home with joy and cuddles! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Ragdoll Catt vs. Maine Coon
What is the difference between Ragdoll Cats and Maine Coon Cats?

The main differences are in size and coat texture. Ragdolls are typically bigger than Maine Coons, with longer fur that is silky to the touch. Maine Coons are more compact and have a denser, thicker fur coat. 

Are Ragdolls or Maine Coons more affectionate? 

Both breeds are known for their loving, friendly personalities, but the Ragdoll is usually considered to be the more affectionate of the two. They are very social animals and love cuddling with their owners. 

Do Ragdolls need special care? 

Yes, Ragdolls do require some special care due to their long coats. The Ragsolls should receive grooming at least once a week to prevent the matting and tangling of their fur. It’s also essential to keep their nails trimmed regularly and check them for any signs of parasites or infections. 

Are Maine Coons good with children?

Yes, Maine Coons are typically very tolerant and patient cats that get along well with children. They require plenty of attention and playtime, so you must ensure you can provide that if you decide to bring one into your home. Additionally, for extra caution, an adult should supervise any interactions between young children and cats for safety purposes.

Final Word 


In conclusion, the Ragdoll and Maine Coon are large cats with significant differences in temperament, size, and overall needs. 

Both breeds excel in the areas of grooming and exercise requirements, but their diet can vary quite a bit from one another. Ragdolls love to receive attention from humans, while Maine Coons prefer more independent activities due to their more challenging temperaments. 

The Ragdoll’s thick fur coat, combined with its size, presents a need for slightly more frequent grooming than the leaner-coated Maine Coon. Ultimately, the Ragdoll is probably the right choice if you’re looking for a furry companion who will give you complete devotion. 

If you’re looking for an intelligent playmate who won’t be overly needy or expectant of your time, then you should go ahead and adopt a Maine Coon!

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