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Raven Raised by Human Acts Like Dog

Raven Raised by Human Acts Like Dog

Walter, a raven raised by human that acts like dog, has become an internet sensation, showcasing the unexpected and heartwarming bonds that can form between species. 

Raven Raised by Human Acts Like Dog

A Raven Raised by Humans

In the heart of the Gold Coast, Australia, a unique bond has formed between a raven named Walter and his human caretaker, Lynette. This isn’t your typical bird-human relationship. With his quirky antics and dog-like behavior, Walter has captured many’s hearts, including ours. Dive into this fascinating tale of a raven who thinks he’s a dog.

A Rough Start

Raven Raised by Human Acts Like Dog

Walter’s journey began when a man found him as a malnourished baby bird. Despite efforts to reunite him with his parents, they rejected him. Left with no other option, Lynette took him under her wing (pun intended). As a baby, Walter required constant care, being fed every two to three hours. 

An Unlikely Friendship

As he grew, Walter formed an unexpected bond with one of Lynette’s dogs. The two would often sunbathe together, play in the yard, and look out for one another. It’s a sight that would melt any heart. Walter’s dog-like behavior became evident as he would fetch items and play around, much like a puppy would.

Flight Training and Freedom

Lynette, ever the responsible caretaker, attempted to reintroduce Walter to the wild once he grew his wings. However, Walter had other plans. He showed no interest in leaving his newfound home. While he had the freedom to roam Lynette’s acre property, he always returned home, proving that sometimes, home is where the heart is.

Morning Serenades and Mischiefs

Raven Raised by Human Acts Like Dog

Like clockwork, Walter would perch by Lynette’s bedroom window every morning, singing or tapping on the glass. His persistence, especially at 6:45 AM, is both endearing and slightly exasperating. Walter’s mischievous side shines through when he steals car keys or snatches bread right off a plate. And if you ever find him bringing you gifts like bark or rocks, know that it’s his way of showing affection.

Identity Crisis?

Despite being a raven, Walter doesn’t seem to recognize his kind. He remains indifferent when other crows visit the yard, never responding to their calls. Instead, he looks more at home with the dogs, especially Lynette’s gentle dog, Mouse. The two share a bond, with Walter often asserting his dominance during playtime. However, he’s smart enough to know his boundaries, especially around Lynette’s other dog, a kelpie cross Husky.

Dreams for the Future

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Lynette hopes that one day, Walter will find his own family. But given his attachment to his human family, it’s more likely that he’d introduce his bird family to the joys of early morning serenades outside Lynette’s window.

A Love Like No Other

Walter’s story is a testament to the incredible bonds that can form between species. It’s a reminder that love knows no bounds, and sometimes, family is what you make of it. Whether stealing shoes, playing fetch, or just being his lovable self, Walter has carved a special place in the hearts of those who know him.

Interesting Facts:

  1. Ravens are known for their intelligence and problem-solving abilities.
  2. In many cultures, ravens symbolize transformation and rebirth.
  3. Despite their mischievous nature, ravens are known to form strong bonds with their human caretakers.

In conclusion, Walter’s tale is heartwarming about love, friendship, and the unexpected joys that life can bring. Whether bird or dog at heart, Walter’s spirit and zest for life are infectious.

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