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Rescued Cat Loves Being Bottle-Fed and Won’t Stop

Cat Loves Bottle
Image of cat bottle-feeding via Pet Collective. Image by Jovana P

Let’s discover the heartwarming story of a rescued cat who has maintained a lifelong love for being bottle-fed.

A Rescued Cat and His Bottle

This special little rescued cat has been uniquely attached to being bottle-fed since kittenhood. His mother rejected him at a young age, so this cat found solace and security in the bottle’s warmth. He loved the bottle so much that his habit even stayed with him until adulthood!

A Grown Cat’s Love for the Bottle

Cat Loves Bottle
Image of cat bottle-feeding via Pet Collective. Image by Jovana P

Now two years old, he still finds joy and comfort in bottle-feeding sessions. His preference for the bottle over typical adult cat behaviors is rare and endearing, illustrating a lasting imprint from his early nurturing experiences.

More Than Just Feeding

This cat’s affection for the bottle goes beyond mere nourishment, serving as a symbol of the safety and love he experienced during his rescue. His ongoing delight serves as a poignant reminder of how early experiences can shape the preferences and behaviors of animals, mirroring the way they do with humans.

6 Benefits of Feeding Your Rescued Kitten With the Bottle

  1. Guaranteed Nutrition: Bottle feeding makes sure that the kitten gets the necessary nutrients for its growth and health.
  2. Hydration Control: Kittens can quickly dehydrate; bottle feeding allows proper hydration monitoring and management.
  3. Bonding Opportunity: Bottle feeding fosters a strong bond between the caregiver and the kitten, mimicking the nurturing they would receive from their mother.
  4. Health Monitoring: Regular handling during feeding sessions allows caregivers to monitor the kitten’s health more closely.
  5. Socialization: Hand-fed kittens often become highly socialized with humans, as early and frequent gentle handling helps them feel comfortable and safe around people.
  6. Flexibility in Care: Bottle feeding allows the caregiver to adjust the diet to accommodate specific health requirements or developmental stages.

The Video

YouTube video
“Rescued Cat Loves Being Bottle-Fed via Pet Collective on Youtube (Via – Jovana P)

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