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WATCH: Shark Encounter Shakes Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas

Dusky shark. Photograph by Amada44.

A ten-year-old’s dream of a sun-soaked holiday took a terrifying twist. On a bright Monday, a Maryland boy, enjoying a picture-perfect vacation, faced a shocking shark encounter at the Atlantis Resort, in the Bahamas. What happened there, painted an unsettling scene to the visitors. NBC News confirmed the facts of the incident with the Royal Bahamas Police Force. 

This article narrates the reporting footage uploaded by NBC. 

Eye Witnesses Spoke Up 

Witnesses Michael and Tori Massey recounted the frightening episode they experienced firsthand. The Masseys were inside the shark tank, engaged in an underwater activity called “Walking with the Sharks.” The program is run by an external company, Blue Adventures by Stewart Cove, associated with Atlantis. It promised visitors to observe Caribbean reef sharks and nurse sharks closely. The resort’s website described the program as an easy and enjoyable experience. Plus, it claimed that participants don’t need to be swimmers. 

The Terrifying Encounter

portrait of nurse shark
Nurse Shark and yellow pilot fish close up on a black background while diving in the Maldives. From

Tori Massey recalled the sudden change in the atmosphere within the tank. She stated, “A shark honed in on him, and then there was just like a pool of blood afterward.” The exciting activity turned dark when one of the sharks bit the 10-year-old boy. The sudden attack prompted a swift evacuation of all the participants from the water, and screams filled the air. The staff swiftly attended to the injured child and his distressed parents at a nursing station.

Concerns and Criticism

Despite the incident, the Masseys expressed surprise at the lack of response from the Atlantis resort and the external company. These two were supposed to be responsible for managing the shark tank experience. The couple believed that companies should have been more cautious to ensure the safety of all participants and their families. Notably, promotions for the “Walking with the Sharks” experience were promptly removed from the Atlantis website in the aftermath of the incident.

Expert Insight

Shark Tank
Called the Kuroshio Sea, it’s 7,500 cubic meters and housed Manta rays, whale sharks, and other exotic fishes. By Stephen Oung

In the wake of this unfortunate incident, NBC News sought the expertise of shark specialist Gabriel from the Florida Museum. Gabriel emphasized that shark attacks in the wild are sporadic, but confinement in a tank might trigger aggression in sharks. It’s because closed areas and people’s movements can stress sharks. He reminded the public that these are wild animals contained in an aquarium. Thus, the authority and the staff should exercise extreme caution while running such programs.

Further Investigations

Authorities are digging into the details of the shark incident at Atlantis resort. The 10-year-old boy, who got attacked, is stable and could bounce back soon. However, the companies involved are now under inspection as the public demands answers and reassurances regarding the safety of such experiences.


Carribean Reef Shark
Diver feeding a Carribean Reef Shark. Photo by Sebastien Filion / Stuart Cove’s

Bahamian bliss turned into a bite of reality for a young adventurer facing a resident shark. This close call in Atlantis Resort reminds us – even safe perceived aquariums can be terrifying. Companies hosting such thrills must own the responsibility, not just the profit, and keep the “risks” linked with such activities transparent.

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