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This Is Why Sharks Are Afraid of Dolphins

Why Sharks Are Afraid of Dolphins

When you think of the ocean’s most fearsome predator, the image of a shark springs to mind. However, there’s another marine creature that even sharks fear – the seemingly innocent dolphin. Despite their friendly demeanor, dolphins hold a deadly secret that makes them the true rulers of the ocean. Let’s find out the true reason why Sharks Are Afraid of Dolphins.

Why Sharks Are Afraid of Dolphins
Photo by Oleksandr Sushko on Unsplash

The Misconception of the Apex Predator

The perception of sharks as the ocean’s apex predator is primarily influenced by popular culture, particularly Steven Spielberg’s 1975 film, “Jaws.” This movie instilled a fear of sharks in audiences worldwide, which persists today. While it’s true that sharks claim the lives of around ten people each year, it takes more than a high human casualty rate to be the king of the ocean. 

Dolphins: The True Kings of the Ocean

Contrary to popular belief, the humble dolphin is the dominant creature of the deep. Even the formidable great white shark will swim in the opposite direction when it spots a pod of dolphins. But what makes these friendly, playful creatures so intimidating to sharks?

The Dark Side of Dolphins

Why Sharks Are Afraid of Dolphins

Dolphins, a family of aquatic mammals, are generally found in warmer tropical zones. They have streamlined bodies, large dorsal fins, flippers, and a powerful triangular rear tail positioned horizontally for speed and maneuverability. This design allows them to reach up to 30 kilometers per hour in short bursts or leap up to nine meters from the water’s surface.

Being mammals, dolphins are warm-blooded and breathe air through a single nostril on the top of their head, known as a blowhole. Unlike humans, dolphins have to remember to breathe, even when they’re sleeping consciously. They’ve adapted to this by resting one half of their brain while the other half stays alert, enabling them to continue breathing and look for dangers.

The Power of the Pod

Dolphins are incredibly social and brilliant creatures. They travel in groups called pods, consisting of up to 30 dolphins. They hunt, communicate, and even mate as a group. This camaraderie is a significant advantage when facing a threat. If a pod member is in danger, the rest of the group will rush in to protect their friend. This means that if a shark tries to pick off a dolphin that’s been separated from the pod, the rest of the pod will come racing in for a fight.

Dolphins vs. Sharks: An Unfair Fight?

Why Sharks Are Afraid of Dolphins

On paper, a fight between a dolphin and a shark might seem unfair. Most dolphins measure two and four meters long, while a great white can reach up to six and a half meters. However, dolphins have a couple of tricks up their sleeve. 

Firstly, dolphins are supremely agile. Their horizontal tail allows them to turn, spin, and change direction at a moment’s notice. Secondly, dolphins have a superior intellect. They know precisely where to strike a shark to cause the most significant damage, typically aiming for its gills or soft underbelly. A well-placed strike can be fatal, causing extensive internal bleeding, organ rupture, or irreparable damage to the shark’s gills, causing them to drown.

Dolphins: Friend or Foe?

Despite their deadly capabilities, dolphins have often been known to protect humans from sharks. There have been multiple instances where pods of dolphins have put themselves between hungry great whites and divers, encircling them until the sharks leave. They’ve even rescued people from drowning. 

However, dolphins can be dangerous if provoked. There have been tragic instances where dolphins have killed humans in the wild and captivity. Despite this, dolphins remain man’s aquatic best friend and are more likely to help than harm us.

A Video Explanation

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The Bottomline

In conclusion, the dolphin’s intelligence, agility, and social structure make it a formidable ocean force, even capable of intimidating the fearsome shark. So next time you think of the ocean’s apex predator, remember the dolphin – the true king of the deep.

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