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Snow Leopard Get Surprised by Camera

Snow Leopard Surprised by Camera
Image via Hertfordshire Zoo

Watch as Jessie, the snow leopard from Hertfordshire Zoo, gets hilariously surprised by a camera for the first time.

Jessie’s First Encounter with the Camera

This cute moment was captured at Hertfordshire Zoo when the female snow leopard Jessie first realized she was being recorded. 

The video captures not just Jessie’s surprise, but also her genuine curiosity and excitement as she encounters the camera for the first time. 

This amusing interaction highlights her playful nature! Her personality has since become a regular show for the zoo’s visitors and online viewers.

Jessie and her companion Panja have become accustomed to the camera’s presence, often performing and playing up for their audience.

The Role of CCTV in Animal Habitats

These cameras allow researchers and zookeepers to observe the behaviors of animals like snow leopards without intruding into their space or altering their natural activities. 

This noninvasive monitoring is crucial for studying their habits, health, and interactions. 

Additionally, the footage gathered helps manage and ensure the well-being of these animals by providing insights that might not be noticeable during regular zoo hours.

Engaging and Educating the Public

The footage collected from cameras serves as a source of entertainment and a valuable educational tool. 

By sharing these clips, Hertfordshire Zoo can effectively communicate the unique characteristics of snow leopards.

The Video

“FUNNY Snow leopard Camera Trap Fail!” via Hertfordshire Zoo

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Steve Helms

Monday 22nd of April 2024


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