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Spider Monkey vs. Dog in Tug-of-War Battle

Monkey vs. Dog Tug-of-War
Images via via Kekethespidermonkey

Watch the exciting Monkey vs. Dog Tug-of-War, featuring a spider monkey and a Dogo Argentino in a playful yet competitive match.

Spider Monkey vs. Dogo Argentino

CharacteristicSpider MonkeyDogo Argentino
OriginCentral and South AmericaArgentina
Size16 to 24 inches (body length)24 to 27 inches (at the shoulder)
Weight13 to 19 pounds80 to 100 pounds
Lifespan20 to 27 years12 to 14 years
BehaviorHighly social, arboreal, agileProtective, strong, energetic
DietPrimarily frugivorous (fruits, nuts, seeds, leaves)Carnivorous (high-protein diet)

An Intense Battle

In this display of interspecies play, a video captures a spirited tug-of-war between a spider monkey and a Dogo Argentino. 

Under the watchful eyes of their human companions, the question hangs in the air: Who will win in this battle? 

As they pull back and forth, each participant displays distinctive tactics. The monkey uses its graceful movements and prehensile tail to grasp the rope, and the dog employs its robust build and powerful grip.

The Tug-of-War Battle

“spider monkey vs. dogo argentino tug of war” via Kekethespidermonkey

The Winner

Despite the spider monkey’s spirited efforts, the Dogo Argentino emerges as the victor in this friendly tug-of-war. 

The dog’s superior physical strength and determination ultimately give it the edge over its smaller opponent. 

The match ends with both animals unharmed and seemingly satisfied with their enthusiastic participation in the game.

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