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Watch: Stork Attacks Chicks In Nest

stork nest
Photo by Jeremy Wermeille on Unsplash

The stork: tall, elegant, and vicious. For all its wonder and beauty, nature can also be brutal and unsettling. We came across a 7-minute clip of one of such act. The footage captures a chilling scene of intraspecies aggression. Here, we describe these birdies’ every move. 

Killer stork attacks chicks – not for the fainthearted.

Nest Invaded, Innocence Threatened

stork nest chicks
Photo by Denitsa Kireva on Pexels

Three young stork chicks were nestled together in the safety of their nest. But this peacefulness was shattered by the sudden appearance of an uninvited guest: a lone female stork. This adult stork had no den of her own, and it seemed like it wanted to take over the nest. It is a common practice of these birdies, but something was off about the stork’s fixed gaze on the innocent chicks.

Symphony of Screams

The intruder stork lunged at one of the chicks; her sharp beak rained down and blew upon its head. The biting filled the air with the panicked cries of the young ones. They screamed a desperate chorus for help against the predator‘s attack.

Futile Display of Courage

Despite their fear, the young storks tried to fight back. In a display of heart-wrenching bravery, one chick attempted to shield its brothers and sisters. It spread its wings like a fragile shield. But the attacker relentlessly continued the action. The nest became a canvas of violence. Snatched feathers and blood stains were visible.

Flicker of Hope

stork nest
Photo by Mariana Serban on Pexels

Exhausted, the attacker paused. The chicks huddled together, their movements stilled with fear and exhaustion. One, seemingly lifeless, lay with bloody wounds. A fragile hope emerged among the victims – could the ordeal be over?

End of Brief Respite 

Soon, the female stork’s predatory instincts resurfaced, and she resumed her assault. Her focus shifted to the other chick. The invader injured one more young stork with its sharp beak while no other adult stork was seen nearby who save the chicks. 

A Grim Aftermath

After shedding the blood of young chicks, the female stork stood observing the brutal scene she had created. She tip-toed several times on the nest’s edge, picking up the hanging sticks. Finally, she looked disinterested in the almost-dead chicks and took a flight to its next destination. 


stork grooming
Photo by David Selbert on Pexels

This video isn’t just a chronicle of violence; it’s a window into the complex and often brutal behavior of animals. The motives behind the intruder stork’s actions remain shrouded in mystery. Was it territorial instinct? Or something else. We need to explore more about these birds to discover the motivations behind such acts. Hence, ornithologists will need to delve deeper into the intricate social dynamics of storks. 

This story of the attacked stork chicks is a poignant reminder of the fragility of life. It’s a call for empathy, not just for the victims of this brutal encounter, but for all creatures great and small in the wild. 

You can check out other similar footage at SPACE INVADERS. The channel is dedicated to providing raw footage of intrusive behavior in the wild.

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