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Stray Cat Discovers Joy in Discarded Cat Tree, From Dumpster to Delight!

Stray Cat Playing with Cat Tree. Image by @holdmmycatnip via Reddit

An stray cat, in the heart of the bustling city, found a treasure, that most days are just fighting for survival. This stray cat, which is normally careful around people, got relief from an old, deserted cat tree. Let’s check out the video that shows that happiness can be found in the most surprising of situations.

The Lucky Discovery

A cat playing and sleeping in Cat Tree. Image by @holdmmycatnip via Reddit

As the sun went down, a TikToker on his way home from work noticed a moving near a trash can. Curious, they pulled out their phone and captured a magical moment. An abandoned cat, which is the usual stray cat, cautious and on high alert, playfully exploring the abandoned cat tree. In those few precious minutes, the cat became the one that it was – a cuddly kitten.

Struggles of Stray Cats

Kitty cat looking around and relaxing after stretching. Image via Deposit Photos

The heartwarming event also reveals the tough truth that stray animals encounter. Pets are usually kept in snug apartments and have warm bed, stray cats walk the streets, looking for food and shelter. Their lives are full of danger, but they still find small joys in their lives, like this cat’s playful encounter with the tower that nobody threw away.

The Universal Motivator: Food

Orange at front door. Image via Deposit Photos

Kendra Thomas, whose profile on TikTok features therapy cats, insists that food is the main factor in regaining relationship with strays. Gradually, the love and the gentle touch along with the regular meals would make these less familiar creatures to trust them and feel safe. Every cat lost in the streets has its own story, but patience and compassion can be the link between fear and trust.

The ‘Cat Distribution System’

Homeless cat sitting and waiting for food. Image via Deposit Photos

TikTok users have playfully coined the “Cat Distribution System.” According to this theory, cats and kittens mysteriously appear in people’s lives, guided by the universe. Perhaps this stray cat’s playful discovery will lead it to a loving family—one that provides a brand-new cat tree for endless playtime.

Our Thoughts

Photo of walking unhappy rufous ginger. Image via Deposit Photos

As we are fascinated by the stray’s happiness, let us not forget the numerous animals still looking forward to their forever homes. Even with the overcrowded shelters and the so-called responsible pet adoption, the problem still exists. Next time you see a toy that is no longer used or a cat that is not with its owners you should think of the idea of the happiness that you can bring to their lives. In all honesty there is still room for hope and some surprises.

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