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Sydney Surfer Nearly Wiped Out By Breaching Whale (and Catches It All on Camera)

surfer wiped by breaching whale

This surfer’s ride quickly went from a blissful afternoon to a near-death experience when a breaching whale nearly wiped him out. Thankfully, he survived to tell this amazing tale, and even caught everything on camera!

Whales are majestic mammals and an incredible sight from afar, but up close, they quickly become an impeding danger.

surfer wiped by breaching whale
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How Heavy Was the Whale?

While the exact weight of the whale that collided with Jason cannot be known for sure, humpback whales can weigh anywhere from 25 to 30 metric tons. After all, they’re the biggest creatures to exist in our oceans (and the entire planet for that matter.)

Luckily for Jason though, the breaching whale was, in all likelihood, a juvenile whale who hadn’t quite reached this huge size just yet.

The Overbearing Force of a Breaching Whale

Breaching is a powerful display of strength and agility. The force exerted during this action is immense, given the whale’s weight and the acceleration required to break free from the water’s resistance.

To achieve this feat, a whale must generate significant speed underwater. For instance, a Humpback whale, before executing a full breach, reaches its top speed of approximately 17.4 miles per hour (28km/h).

When they crash back into the water, the impact can be felt from a considerable distance – and even more so if they breach right next to you as seen in this instance.)

Surfer Wiped By Breaching Whale: A Close Call Caught On Camera

YouTube video

Jason Breen was wingfoiling at Mona Vale beach when a humpback whale soared out of the water, landing on top of him. The force dragged him about 20 to 30 feet below the surface.

Miraculously, he resurfaced, thanks to his board’s leash snapping, allowing him to make his way back to the shore. He was lucky to be alive to tell the story, and to have footage to as proof of this otherwise unbelievable story.

His Saving Grace: The Fact That It Was a Juvenile Whale

Jason felt the smooth skin of the whale against his body, leading him to believe it was a juvenile.

His encounter could have had a tragic ending if not for one crucial factor: the whale was likely a juvenile. Adult humpback whales are significantly larger and heavier, and a direct hit from a fully grown whale would have had catastrophic consequences.

Why Do Whales Breach?

Whale breaching remains a subject of scientific curiosity. Several theories suggest reasons for this behavior, including communication, playfulness, removing parasites, or even as a hunting strategy.

Regardless of the reason, witnessing a breaching whale is a breathtaking experience, showcasing the might and grace of these marine mammals.

Surfer Wiped By Breaching Whale: Conclusion

Whales are among the largest creatures on Earth, with some species weighing up to several tons. Their sheer size, combined with the force they can exert, especially during behaviors like breaching, makes any close encounter with them a near-death experience.

Jason was lucky to walk away from this extraordinary experience alive! It especially underlines the respect these majestic marine giants demand and deserve.

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