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Lucy Fur, The Adorable Emotional Support Hamster

Lucy Fur, the emotional support hamster
Lucy Fur, the emotional support hamster

Lisa Bowman made a life-changing decision to share parenthood of a hamster with her housemate. They were financially strapped and battling depression. At that point, they realised that they desperately needed an emotional support animal, and a hamster seemed the most sensible choice.

Photo: Lisa Bowman

The hamster’s journey to her new home

The initial thrill of bringing their new furry friend home was swiftly replaced by sheer panic. During their bus journey back from the pet store, their hamster began vigorously gnawing her way out of the flimsy cardboard carrier. Lisa used credit cards and a pouch of tobacco to seal the ever-expanding breaches. They narrowly averted an escape, and thus, they christened her Lucy Fur, a playful reference to the devil, owing to the ordeal.

A companion like no other

Despite their turbulent introduction, the hamster turned out to be an absolute delight. She became Lisa’s companion during the days when she was immobilized with a broken leg and a conversational partner during the lonely days of working from home. Antidepressants had dulled Lisa’s emotional spectrum, but watching the hamster handle vegetables with her tiny paws warmed her once-heavy heart.

Photo: Lisa Bowman

There was a night when Lisa returned late from a work event only to find Lucy had managed to escape. Thankfully, she soon discovered the hamster under the coffee table where her cage was positioned, her cheeks stuffed with morsels she had found on the kitchen floor. I’d like to think she was patiently waiting for someone to return her to her home, a gesture of affection.

Rest in peace, Lucy

Alas, hamsters have relatively short lifespans. In the following September, the housemates were devastated to find Lucy had passed away, a mere 16 months after she had entered their lives. In their apartment without a garden, they waited until the cover of night before scaling the park’s fence to dig her final resting place, using a wooden spoon. They ensured it was positioned in a spot visible from their bedroom windows.

In conclusion

It is truly inspiring that Lucy’s warm and loving heart helped Lisa get back on her feet. This story serves as a reminder of the important role that animals have in our everyday lives.

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