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An Extraordinary Record-Breaking Bird: The Tallest Duck In the World

the tallest duck in the world
Image by @longboiyork via Instagram

Residing at the University of York in England, this towering bird has not only captured the hearts of the university’s students but has also become a viral sensation with fans across the world, titled “the tallest duck in the world.”

Welcome to the Life of Long Boi

the tallest duck in the world
Image by @longboiyork via Instagram

Long Boi, a distinctive duck living on the University of York’s campus, wasn’t your average mallard. Standing at an impressive 28 inches tall, he was a hybrid between a mallard and an Indian Runner, known for their exceptionally tall stature. Long Boi called the university’s picturesque lake his home, where students and staff often spotted him parading along the water’s edge and quickly became an iconic bird.

Becoming a Celebrity

Long boi
Image by @longboiyork via Instagram

The journey from a regular campus dweller to an internet sensation was swift for Long Boi. His picture was shared on Reddit by a student and went viral in the blink of an eye.

Although the post technically contained some factual wrongs (the post claimed him to be over 1 m, i.e 39 inches, and failed to mention that he is a part-Indian runner), Long Boi is so charismatic we’ll overlook that.

What Is the Usual Height of a Mallard Duck?

Image by 2554813 via Pixabay

To understand Long Boi’s uniqueness, it’s important to know the typical size of a mallard duck. Generally, a standard mallard stands about 20 to 24 inches in height.

Thus, Long Boi’s 28 inches marked a significant deviation, explaining the fascination surrounding his towering presence among his shorter peers.

An Iconic Duck with Many Fans

long boi mallard duck
Image by @longboiyork via Instagram

Long Boi’s fame led to a massive fan base. Admirers established an Instagram page dedicated to him, which gained thousands of followers. His popularity even inspired merchandise, ranging from T-shirts to mugs.

Perhaps the wildest thing of all was that some students and Long Boi Fans even got him as a tattoo to show their love for their University’s iconic bird resident.

Long Boi Passes Away

indian runner
Image by Lenka Vondráčková via Unsplash

Sadly, the tall duck’s story took a somber turn. Reports emerged of Long Boi’s disappearance and subsequent confirmation of his passing. The news saddened his global fan base, who had come to cherish the gentle giant of the University of York.

His legacy, however, remains undiminished, a symbol of the joy and wonder animals bring into our lives.

The Longstanding Tradition of Mascots

Image by Luke Wang via Unsplash

Long Boi’s story highlights the role of animal mascots in human communities. Mascots, whether in schools, sports teams, or even towns, symbolize unity, pride, and collective identity. They often become the face of the community, embodying its spirit and values.

Long Boi, in his own unique way, became a mascot for the University of York, representing the campus’s diversity and inclusivity.

The Tallest Duck in the World: Conclusion

indian runner
Image by Goldika via Depositphotos

Long Boi’s story is more than just that of the tallest duck in the world. Perhaps more notable than his impressive size is how animals will bring us humans together in the sometimes strangest of ways.

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