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This Leopard Preys On An Entire Family of Warthogs

Leopard with baby warthogs
Image credit: Animals Around The Globe. Generated by DALLE

Welcome to “This Leopard Preys On An Entire Family of Warthogs”

This footage captures a leopard preying on an entire family of warthogs. It begins with a leopard clamping onto a young warthog’s neck, causing it to moan in pain. Another sibling is seen squirming on the ground, taking its last breath after being attacked by the predatory leopard.

The leopard’s hunt does not end there; after subduing one piglet, it swiftly moves into the bushes, aiming to capture the final warthog and secure all three as its meals. This brutal scene starkly illustrates the unforgiving nature of wildlife, where every animal in the food chain must fight to survive, no matter how gruesome it may appear.

Leopards and Their Hunting Nature

Africa Leopard from South Africa
Image credit: Derek Keats

Leopards are known for either ambushing their prey or stalking it slowly. They typically approach their prey stealthily, then strike with an explosive burst of speed. Once they pounce, they quickly kill their prey with a powerful bite to the neck, utilizing their strong jaws and sharp teeth. They wait until the prey is deceased before beginning their feast. A leopard’s hunt is often successful due to their well-calculated approach and speed, although their physique limits their ability to sustain long chases.

Warthogs’ Survival in the Wilderness

Image Credit: Matthias Bethke

While warthogs are not typically aggressive, they can defend themselves against predators when necessary. Adult warthogs, with their formidable tusks, pose a significant threat and are less frequently attacked by leopards.

Warthogs possess four sharp tusks and notable stamina which, coupled with their speed, can inflict considerable damage on a predator. Hence, leopards more commonly target piglets over adult warthogs.

The Size Comparison Between a Warthog and a Leopard

warthog with babies
Image credit: Thomas Fuhrmann

Warthogs typically weigh between 120 and 250 pounds and stand about 30 inches tall at the shoulder, with males generally being larger than females. In contrast, leopards weigh between 66 and 198 pounds on average, measure 3.33 to 6.25 feet in length, and stand 1.9 to 2.3 feet tall. Though leopards are shorter and lighter than warthogs on average, they have a length advantage, with warthogs measuring 3 to 4.9 feet in length.

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