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Top 20 Largest Animals Found In The US

Big old bison in nature. Image via Deposit Photos

Ever wondered which were the largest animals found in the US? Well, we’re here to give you answers. Join us as we explore the largest giants roaming the earth in America.

1. American Bison

Bison via Unsplash

2. American Alligator

Alligator. Image via Depositphotos

3. Moose

A male moose takes a rest in a field during a light rainshower.
Moose are the tallest mammals in North America. Image by Ryan Hagerty –, Public Domain,

4. Grizzly Bear

Grizzly bear. Image by Simon Hurry via Pexels.

5. Polar Bear

Polar bear (Ursus maritimus) on the pack ice north of Spitsbergen Island, Svalbard, Norway. Image by Alexey_Seafarer on depositphotos.

6. Elk

Mule deer buck at Elk Creek.
Mule deer buck at Elk Creek. By Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife – mule_buck_elk_creek_m_myatt, CC BY-SA 2.0,

7. American Black Bear

Baby Black Bear.
Baby Black Bear. Image by via Depositphotos

8. White-tailed Deer

white tailed deer
Two white tailed deer graze in the grassy field near Hauser, Idaho. Image by gjohnstonphoto via

9. American Crocodile

Crocodile looking at camera. Image by Pfuderi

10. California Condor

Californian Condor. Image via depositphotos.

11. American Mastodon

Model of mastodon in real stature.

12. Bighorn Sheep

ram bighorn sheep
Big Horn sheep in the mountains. Jwanamaker, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

13. American Bald Eagle

Bald eagle
Bald eagles build some of the largest nests of any bird species, often reaching up to 10 feet in diameter and weighing hundreds of pounds. Image by Andreas Barth via Pexels

14. North American Porcupine

Image by Irina_kukuts via Pixabay

15. American Beaver

baby beaver
Image by EBFoto via Depositphotos

16. Gray Wolf

gray wolf
Gray wolf. Image by Mariofan13 via Wikimedia Commons

17. American Pronghorn

Pronghorn Antelope, Cabin Lake Road, Fort Rock, Oregon
Pronghorn Antelope, Cabin Lake Road, Fort Rock, Oregon Image by Alan D. Wilson, CC BY-SA 3.0,, Wikimedia commons

18. American Wolverine

wolverine. Image via Deposit Photos

19. Mountain Lion

Portrait of a cougar, mountain lion, puma, panther, striking a pose on a fallen tree, Winter scene in the woods, wildlife America. Image via

20. American Bullfrog

american bullfrog animals in washington
American bullfrog about to leap. Image by Maddy Weiss via Unsplash

There you have it. The largest animals found on US soil. If you ever find yourself in close contact with any of these animals, always remember to keep a distance. Respecting these animals is how we all live in harmony as one.

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