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Watch: Woman Turning Massive Wild Bears Into Pets

Turning Bears into Pets
Black Bear Closing Door Likes to Fool Around. Source: YouTube, Channel: ViralHog

In a world where wildlife often faces threats from human encroachment, one woman defies the odds by turning bears into ‘pets’ in the most extraordinary way.

Turning Bears into Pets
Black Bear Closing Door Likes to Fool Around. Source: YouTube, Channel: ViralHog

It’s important to note that while the headline uses the term ‘pets,’ this is not a story of domestication or ownership. Instead, it is a tale of respect, trust, and coexistence.

A Sanctuary for Bears

It all started when the woman noticed that mother bears, in particular, would bring their cubs to her property. She believes that the bears sensed a feeling of safety in her presence. Remarkably, the mother bears exhibited no signs of aggression towards her, even when their cubs were nearby. 

This extraordinary relationship allowed her to photograph and study the bears at close range, although she strongly advises against others attempting to do the same. Over time, the bears came to accept her as part of their community, and she began to see them almost daily from the springtime when they emerged from hibernation.

The Gentle Giant

YouTube video
Black Bear Closing Door Likes to Fool Around. Source: YouTube, Channel: Viral Hog

One specific bear, affectionately referred to as a ‘gentle giant,’ would occasionally relax on her porch, keeping her company without ever causing any trouble. The woman believes the bears can sense her respect for them and respond positively to her soft and soothing voice. She always approaches them at their comfort level, never invading their space or making them feel threatened.

An Incredible Interaction

One of the most incredible interactions captured on video is a bear opening and closing her front door. The woman had her door open and was in the kitchen when she walked into the living room and saw a bear sniffing the door. To her astonishment, the bear’s mouth went onto the knob, pulling the doorknob, closing the door. She praised the bear for its action, although she admits she doesn’t know how it happened. This interaction is a testament to her extraordinary relationship with the bears.

A Life Less Ordinary

Living alongside bears has become a way of life for this woman. She has observed mother bears nursing their cubs right in front of her house while she sat on her porch. Other bears would bring their cubs to her property and leave them there while they foraged for food in the woods. This level of trust is extraordinary and demonstrates that it can coexist peacefully with wildlife.

A Note of Caution

YouTube video
Wild Bears Have Unique Relationship with Women. Source: YouTube, Channel:Newsnercom

While this story is both inspiring and heartwarming, it is essential to remember that wild animals are inherently unpredictable, and there is always a risk involved in interacting with them. The woman acknowledges that there is always a one percent chance of getting hurt, and it is crucial to approach any interaction with wildlife with caution and respect.


Living harmoniously with black bears is achievable when approached with respect and caution. This incredible story demonstrates that it is possible to form unique bonds with wildlife and create a safe space for them in a world where their habitats are increasingly under threat. 

However, it is crucial to avoid approaching wildlife if possible. Further, when necessary, approach wildlife with caution and respect for their natural behaviors and habitats. This woman’s story serves as an inspiration for all of us to treat wildlife with kindness and respect.

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