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Two Hikers Have A Close Call With A Mountain Lion

Hikers have a close call with a mountain lion. Image by super_iiiiii on Instagram.

A recent video shared on Instagram captures a heart-stopping moment between two hikers and a mountain lion. This tense encounter, taking place on a remote trail, highlights both the beauty and danger of wildlife. The video offers crucial insights into safety measures when exploring the wild.

The Tense Moment

Mountain lion
Mountain lion taking advantage of the cool breezes.Image via Louie Stenball, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The video begins with a person in a small rock crevice in the mountains. Suddenly, the person behind the camera spots a mountain lion above the person in the crevice. The animal appears and immediately springs into action, storming closer to the pair. The hikers’ calm yet alert response is vital in such situations. They make themselves look larger and use assertive tones, hoping to deter the predator.

Hikers’ Reactions

mountain lion on grass
A lion. Image via depositphotos.

The hikers manage to stay remarkably calm. One hiker, likely the person filming, can be heard maintaining a firm, loud voice. This tactic is crucial in mountain lion encounters, as it often prevents attacks by making the animal feel less in control. The hikers stand as still as they can, avoiding sudden movements that might provoke the lion. The lion eventually manages to makes its own way out of the mountain crevice leaving the hikers with a tale to tell.

Understanding Mountain Lion Behavior

mountain lion
Image by Jean Paul Montanaro via Pexels

Mountain lions, also known as cougars, are generally elusive creatures. They prefer avoiding humans, but can become aggressive if threatened or protecting their young. Recognizing the signs of a defensive mountain lion is key. Ears back, crouched posture, and tail twitching indicate heightened alertness and potential aggression.

Safety Tips for Hikers

Mountain Lion
Mount lion. Image via National Park Service from USA, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Encounters like this underline the importance of preparedness. When hiking in mountain lion territory, always carry a deterrent like pepper spray. Stay alert and make noise to avoid surprising wildlife. If you spot a mountain lion, never turn your back or run. Maintain eye contact, make yourself appear larger, and slowly retreat while speaking firmly.


Mountain Lion
Mountain Lion sits on a rocky outcrop. Image by depoisitphotos.

The video of the mountain lion encounter serves as a powerful reminder of nature’s unpredictability. It highlights the importance of staying prepared and respectful of wildlife. These hikers’ experience teaches us valuable lessons in maintaining composure and safety in the wild. Their encounter ended without harm, thanks to their quick thinking and understanding of mountain lion behavior. I hope you enjoyed reading about the hiker’s close call with a mountain lion. To read more stories like this, these articles may pique your interest:

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