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Best Friends: 500-lb Lion & Tiny Dachshund

lion and dachshund animals keep pets
Image by Barcroft Media via Getty Images

A massive 500-lb lion has formed an unlikely friendship with someone who is much, much smaller than himself – a tiny dachshund. This extremely unusual (or maybe never-even-seen-before) friendship shows a bond that defies size, species, and instinct.

How Their Friendship Started

lion and dachshund are best friends
Bonedigger and Milo when Bonedigger was still just a tiny cub. Image via Barcroft USA

The lion, named Bonedigger, and Milo, the dachshund, met at a wildlife refuge. From the moment they were introduced, there was an instant connection.

Despite their size difference, Milo was never intimidated by Bonedigger’s massive stature. Instead, he welcomed the lion with open paws and the rest is history. Bonedigger in turn has never showed any sort of aggression – because we all know that technically Milo could be swallowed in second.

YouTube video
“Unlikely Animal Couple: a tiny dachshunds & a 500 lb lion ” Source: YouTube, Uploaded: Datacube

The Lion’s Disability

lion and dachshund are best friends
Image via Barcroft USA

Bonedigger suffers from a metabolic bone disease, causing him a disability that affects his one paw -a condition that might’ve been life-threatening in the wild. This disability, affecting his mobility and strength, has made Milo not just a friend but a vital companion in his daily life, providing him with the support and companionship he needs.

What Would’ve Happened to Him in the Wild

lion with antelope kill
Image by minoandriani2 via Depositphotos

In the wild, a lion with a disability like Bonedigger’s would face immense challenges. His disfigured paw would make hunting and defending himself difficult, likely leading to an inability to survive in the harsh savanna.

In the safety of the sanctuary, however, Bonedigger can live a full life with the help of his caregivers and, of course, his best friend, Milo.

Just Two Besties Hanging Out

lion and dachshund are best friends
Bonedigger and Milo sharing a big serving of meat. Image via Barcroft USA

Milo and Bonedigger’s days are filled with activities that reflect their deep bond. They are often seen playing together, with Milo fearlessly running around Bonedigger, who gently engages with his small friend. They also love sharing a nice meal of meat together – although of course Bonedigger eats way more than Milo.

Two Inseparable Peas in a Pod

Long Haired Miniature Dachshund Looking out a Window. Herreid/ Depositphotos
Image by Herreid via Depositphotos

At night, the uniqueness of their relationship becomes even more evident. Milo often sleeps on top of Bonedigger. In other words, it seems impossible for them to get sick of each other!

Attempts to separate them, even momentarily, are met with clear disapproval from both. Their emotional connection is so profound that their caretakers do not even try to separate them, understanding the stress it causes them.

Do Dogs and Big Cats Generally Get Along?

Border Collie
Image by Anna Dudkova via Unsplash

While the friendship between Milo and Bonedigger is exceptional, it’s not entirely unique. Dogs and big cats can form bonds, especially when raised together from a young age. These relationships are more likely in controlled environments like sanctuaries, where survival pressures are removed.


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Monday 13th of May 2024


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