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Watch: Buffalo Drags Croc Out of the Water by Its Nose

Buffalo Drags Croc Out of the Water by Its Nose
Buffalo Drags Croc Out of the Water by Its Nose. Image by Latest Sightings via YouTube
Buffalo Drags Croc Out of the Water by Its Nose

Did you ever think you would see a croc being dragged out the water by a buffalo? Neither did I! Just as the crocodile thought it had its dinner, the buffalo made a comeback. With crocodile biting onto the buffalos nose, the buffalo was not ready to see the light. It proceeded to yank backwards towards land, bringing the crocodile with him! Join us as we explore the different physical characteristics of the crocodile and buffalo.

First up let’s take a look at the Buffaloes physical characteristics…

Massive Size Of The Buffalo

Buffaloes have impressive bulk. Adult males, known as bulls, often weighing over a ton! Their robust build and powerful musculature add to their daunting presence.

Horn Structure

Buffalo. Image by 2630ben via Depositphotos

Buffaloes have distinct horns that vary in shape and size. These horns, typically curved, serve both defensive and territorial purposes. These help them when in combat and protection against predators.

Thick Hide Of The Buffalo

The buffalo’s skin is covered by a thick hide. It provides protection against the elements, as well as potential threats. This tough hide acts as natural armor. It protects the buffalo from injuries sustained during fights.

Strong Legs

Mother buffalo walking with her calf. Image via depositphotos.

Buffaloes have sturdy legs. They are built with powerful muscles, which enabling them to navigate diverse terrains. Their robust limbs have swift movements and impressive agility, crucial for evading predators and accessing essential resources such as food and water.

Now let’s move onto the crocodile’s physical characteristics:

Streamlined Body Of The Crocodile

Crocodiles have a streamlined body. This is adapted for life in water environments. Their sleek form allows them to move swiftly through water. This makes them fierce predators capable of ambushing prey with precision.

Powerful Jaws

Crocodile swallowing a fish. Image via depositphotos.

Crocodiles have a powerful set of jaws. They are lined with sharp teeth, which are ideal for capturing and immobilizing prey. With a strong bite force, they can exert tremendous pressure. This helps them to overpower even large animals with ease!

Armor-like Skin Of A Crocodile

The crocodile’s skin is covered in tough, armor-like scales. This supplies protection against potential threats, as well as environmental hazards. This thick skin is a defensive barrier. It reduces the risk of injuries and also enhances the crocodile’s survival.

Webbed Feet

croc eye
Crocodile eye looking at the camera. Image by aglaya3 via Pixabay

Crocodiles have webbed feet. These feet propel the crocodile with high speed and manoeuvrability in water. These specialized appendages allow them to navigate with precision. It enables efficient hunting and territorial patrols.

Bottom Line

Overall, although this scene was unique, it proves that both animals involved are formidable beasts!

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