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Watch: Cat Obsessed With Baby Brother Thinks He’s Also A Baby

Cat Obsessed With Baby Brother Thinks He’s Also A Baby
Cat Obsessed With Baby Brother Thinks He’s Also A Baby. Image by The Dodo via YouTube

What better way to lift your mood than watching a kitty, Wilbur, smother its human sibling? Join us as we explore the connection between the cat and his baby brother.

Wilbur the cat even grooms Charlie, his baby brother, what action speaks louder than being fully accepted into the family?!

Let’s learn what cats do to show affection?


Ginger cat
Ginger cat. By Seregraf via DepositPhotos

Cats often purr when they’re feeling relaxed. “Puuurfect!” They may purr when they’re being cuddled by their most loved companions.

Head Bunting

Cat love
Cat love. By Maria1701 via DepositPhotos

Cats have scent glands on their heads. So, when they rub their heads against you, they’re marking you with their scent! Basically claiming you as their own. This behavior is a sign of trust.


white cat
Image via Pixabay

This is when your cat rhythmically presses their paws into a soft surface. fun fact for the day, kittens knead their mother’s belly to stimulate milk flow while nursing. Furthermore, adult cats continue this behavior into adulthood as a sign of comfort.

Slow Blinking

Loving Kitten - Image creadted by Chris with MiJourney
Loving Kitten – Image created by Chris with MiJourney

Cats can communicate their affection through slow blinking. When your cat gives you a slow blink while making eye contact, take it as a kitty kiss. They are actually saying “I love you” and showing trust!

Bottom Line

Stary cat
Stray cat. By avdoha via Depositphotos

So, overall the video gives us evidence of the informatio above. What a fun way to educate one on cat behaviors! Although cats have a stereotype of being ‘standoffish’ and ‘only love themselves’, this article has shown us that they do indeed have two sides.

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