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Watch: Cheetahs Capture Red Lechwe in Water

cheetahs red lechwe
Scene from the footage.

A breathtaking encounter unfolds in the wild, where the swiftness of a cheetah meets the aquatic agility of a red lechwe. This rare footage, captured in the watery terrains, contrasts the land’s fastest predator against an antelope at home in marshes. The thrilling and surprising chase provides an unusual perspective on animal survival strategies.

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The Duel of Life

Slow pan of cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) sprinting through grass. Depositphotos

The clip opens with a tense scene. Two cheetahs can be witnessed in the middle of a challenging battle trying to subdue a red lechwe, an aquatic antelope. The clash takes place in the marshy area surrounded by long grass, where the antelope is an inhabitant. The cheetahs face the unusual challenge of hunting in water, which is a stark contrast to the usual savannah hunts.

Cheetahs vs. Red Lechwe

red lechwe
Red lechwe antelopes (Kobus leche) running through water, Kwando river, Namibia. Depositphotos

The intensity of the clash escalates as the predators and prey are involved in this high-stake duel. While one cheetah is trying to take control over the red lechwe by attacking the neck, the other attempts to take control from behind. Away from land, their natural battleground, this clash is a true display of adaptability and survival instincts. Each movement showcases the harsh realities of the wild, where every single encounter is a matter of life or death.

Cheetahs Move From Water to Land

Cheetah running at full speed in South Africa. Depositphotos

Soon enough, the clash moves from water to land, where the dynamics of the fight change dramatically. The cheetahs, determined to win, drag the struggling red lechwe from its aquatic refuge to the land. Here, the lechwe is at a disadvantage and can only feebly battle against the formidable strength and agility of the cheetahs on land.

Final Win and Capture of The Red Lechwe

red lechwe
Male Red Lechwe. Depositphotos

The cheetahs finally overpower the antelope on land. After the long duel, the cheetahs take a moment to survey their surroundings and relax for a while. This moment is filled with the mixed feeling of triumph and exhaustion, showcasing the raw power of cheetahs. This is the stark reality of the wild, where strength and endurance are the only keys to survival.


This is an extraordinary that captures the survival tactics of the wild. From the duel in water to the capture on the land, every move highlights the adaptability, strength, and survival tactics of the wild. When the agility of red lechwe meets the speed and prowess of cheetahs, the struggle reminds us of the endless cycle of life and survival in the animal kingdom.

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