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Watch: Dog Steals Ball & Hearts During Soccer Match

Dog Steals Ball & Hearts During Soccer Match
Dog Steals Ball & Hearts During Soccer Match. Image by Australian Community Media via YouTube

Dog Steals Ball & Hearts During Soccer Match. Credit: Australian Community Media – Source: YouTube

Somebody get this pooch a jersey and a contract! In this video, the curious dog joins the soccer game as he successfully steals the soccer ball from a team players foot hold. As the crowd roars with laughter, the playful dog refuses to release his bite from the ball. You could say the pup was not going to give up so easily. After trying to release the ball but not succeeding, the soccer player picks the huge dog up under its arms and carries it off the field. All while the ball remains in the dogs tight grip. Now this is a sight to make your day! Join us as we explore the canines playful antics and behaviors.

High-Energy Fun

Dog looking at the camera. Image by Pauline Loroy on Unsplash.

Dogs have a plaful nature. This stems from their evolution as social hunters! According to a study published in the journal Animal Cognition, play behavior in dogs serves multiple purposes. This includes social bonding, skill development, and stress relief.

Certain breeds, such as Border Collies and Australian Shepherds, have higher levels of playfulness. This is due to their herding heritage and high intelligence levels.

Play sessions also stimulate cognitive function. This keeps dogs mentally sharp and emotionally fulfilled.

Ball Obsession

Bracco Italiano
Beautiful Bracco Italiano pointer. Image by olgagorovenko via Depositphotos

Dogs’ fascination with balls can be traced back to their predatory instincts. This is because chasing and retrieving mimic hunting behaviors!

A study conducted by the University of Bristol revealed that dogs show heightened excitement as well as engagement when shown with a ball. This indicates a strong positive association.

Bounding Joy Of Dogs

Pedigree vizsla dog outdoors on grass field on a sunny spring day. Image via depositphots.

Playful behavior in dogs does not die after puppyhood. It persists throughout their lives, fostering social connections and alleviating boredom.

Playing with your dog does not only enhance their physical fitness but it also strengthens the human-dog bond. Overall, creating a happier and healthy relationship.

Bonding Through Play

cute mops pug dog puppy looking up into the camera. Image via depositphotos.

Play serves as a powerful form of bonding between dogs and humans. It forms trust and mutual understanding. Furthermore, dogs often use play as a way to express affection. As well as seek interaction and attention from their owners through games such as fetch and tug-of-war.

Research says that playing releases oxytocin. This is often referred to as the “love hormone”. Therefore fostering feelings of attachment and closeness.

moreover, participating in a dog’s playful behaviors not only enriches their quality of life but also deepens the emotional connection between pet and owner.

Bottom Line

Overall, playing with your furry four legged best friends not only keeps your dog fit and mentally stimulated, it also forms unbreakable relationships. There’s a reason dogs are called ‘mans best friend’!

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