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Watch German Shepard Pretends To Be Asleep To Get Out Of Bath Time

German Shepard Pretends To Be Asleep To Get Out Of Bath Time
German Shepard Pretends To Be Asleep To Get Out Of Bath Time. Image by @Weratedogs via Instagram

Find the adorable reaction from the german shepard here!

Below is another hilarious video of a german shepard not having any of it for bath time.

German Shepherd hates bath time. Credit: @striderthegermanshepherd4927 – Source: YouTube

Did you know the most difficult traits in a german shepard are also their most entertaining traits? What’s not to love about them? In the video above a german shepard, called Zeus, pretends to be asleep when he’s called for bath time… Until his owner mentions ‘walk time’, he suddenly gains a second wind! Join us as we explore the behavioral traits of man’s best friend and why this species is so loved by families.

Intelligence and Trainability

German Shepard laying on grass
German Shepard laying in flowers. Image via Deposit Photos

German Shepherds are incredibly intelligence and are easy to train. Moreover, they rank among the top breeds in obedience and working intelligence tests! They are known as ‘police dogs’ for a reason. Their keen intellect and eagerness to please make them highly trainable, from search and rescue to service and therapy roles.

Loyalty and Protective Instincts Of The German Shepherd

This species of man’s best friend is loyal and has great protective instincts. Furthermore, German Shepherds form deep bonds with their human families. They are vigilant and act as natural guardians, alerting their owners to threats. These qualities of loyalty and protectiveness makes them popular choices as family pets and watchdogs.

Work Ethic and Enthusiasm Of The German Shepherd

German Shepard laying on grass
Image of a German shepherd dog sitting on grass in park via Deposit Photos

German Shepherds have an amazing work ethic and high enthusiasm for tasks assigned to them. From herding livestock, participating in agility trials, or engaging in obedience training, these canine friends take on each challenge with determination. Their tireless energy and drive make them well-suited for active lifestyles and working roles that have physical and mental stimulation!

    Bottom Line

    Overall, what’s not to love about these furry four-legged companions? From being great guard dogs to the most loveable (and from the above video, the most hilarious) family members they really are the missing piece to a family, completing it with all the best qualities!

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