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Watch: Golden Eagle Flies With Fox Hitched In It’s Claws

Image by Twister-Emp via YouTube

America’s symbol of freedom, golden eagles are kings of the skies, able to scan vast terrains while soaring above the clouds (sometimes, even more), leaving their prey helpless. In addition to their speed and immaculate vision, they’re equipped with razor sharp claws, able to pierce through skin like butter.

This video showcases the strength of golden eagles, able take flight with a dead-weight, fox in its claws – without struggling. Read to the end to watch the video!

Deadly Characteristics of Golden Eagles:

Image by kwasny222 via Depositphotos

The golden eagle, revered for its majestic appearance and awe-inspiring flight, stands as a formidable predator in the avian realm. These raptors, equipped with remarkable hunting abilities, showcase their prowess in various aspects of their predatory lifestyle.

Golden eagles possess extraordinary vision, a key element in their hunting strategy. With eyesight estimated to be four to eight times stronger than that of a human, they can spot prey from incredible distances. When soaring at great altitudes, they can survey vast landscapes, enabling them to detect potential prey such as small mammals, birds, and even reptiles.


These apex predators exhibit versatility in their diet, showcasing adaptability in their hunting habits. While they primarily prey on small to medium-sized mammals like rabbits, ground squirrels, and hares, golden eagles are opportunistic hunters. They may also target larger mammals like foxes and deer calves, showcasing their ability to adapt their diet based on availability and necessity.

Image by 14921210 via Depositphotos

The strength of a their claws is a testament to its efficiency as a hunter. These powerful talons, designed for gripping and puncturing, can exert an impressive force. Capable of exerting pressures that can crush bones, the eagle’s formidable claws ensure a swift and effective capture of prey. This lethal combination of keen vision and powerful talons makes the golden eagle a formidable and successful predator.


In terms of habitat, they are widely distributed across the Northern Hemisphere. They occupy diverse ecosystems, including mountains, cliffs, and open landscapes. Nesting sites are often situated in elevated locations, providing them with a strategic vantage point for both hunting and safeguarding their territories.

Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaetos) flying. Image by Bereta via Depositphotos.

Golden eagles are known for their migratory tendencies, covering extensive distances during their travels. Some populations migrate seasonally, while others are more sedentary, dwelling in the same territories year-round. The ability to navigate varied landscapes, coupled with their impressive hunting skills, contributes to its status as an apex predator in its habitat.

Watch This Remarkable Event Below:

Yes, that is a golden eagle flying with a fox.

YouTube video

Video by Twister-Emp via YouTube


The clip of a golden eagle flying away with a fox showcases that their hunting prowess is a fascinating blend of exceptional vision, adaptable diet, powerful claws, and a wide-ranging habitat. These elements converge to establish the golden eagle as a masterful predator, soaring high above landscapes with unparalleled grace and precision in the pursuit of its prey.

Red kite (Milvus milvus) in flight against clear blue sky, UK. Image by Giedriius via Depositphotos.

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