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Watch: Man Dives with Great White Shark without a Cage

man dives with great white shark
Image by Ashwater Films via YouTube

Shark-cage diving is deemed a brave activity, bound to get your adrenalin pumping. This man takes it one step further and dives with a great white shark without a cage – only armed with a snorkel and a GoPro.

The Importance of Staying Calm Near Sharks

Although it only seems natural to want to run head over heels when faced with one of the world’s greatest predators – this might be what gets you killed. Sharks, perceptive creatures that they are, can sense panic.

In Gibb’s encounter, his calm demeanor possibly saved him from what could have been a lethal attack. Staying calm not only prevents provoking the shark but also allows you to think clearly.

How Dangerous Are Great Whites…Really?

Great White Shark
Great White Shark with mouth open. Image via Depositphotos

Great whites have long been portrayed as the monsters of the deep, and popular culture (i.e JAWS) hasn’t exactly helped with promoting a positive image of them.

The reality is that shark attacks are exceedingly rare, and great whites are not the indiscriminate killers they are made out to be. Gibb’s encounter, while heart-stopping, is a reminder that these sharks are not mindless predators but sentient beings deserving of respect and understanding.

Is it True That Sharks Mistake Divers For Seals?

While initially it makes sense, a person in a diving suit does look a little like seals, after all. However, this is a myth that has been debunked.

Studies show that sharks act completely differently around divers than they do around seals – when attacking seals (their fave snack) they attack with incredible force, which has never been observed in attacks on humans.

The Footage: Man Dives with Great White

YouTube video
“Filming a Great White Shark For First Time, No Cage, Armed With a Snorkel and GoPro”, Source: YouTube, Uploaded: Ashwater Films

The diver in the video is a cinematographer called Ash Gibbson, and he was on the hunt for some incredible footage – and he definitely got what he asked for and more.

In doing so, though, he put his own life at risk. He approached this great white shark with nothing but his snorkel and GoPro. “High risk, high reward” is what they say, right?

Man Dives With Great White: Wrapping Up

While this footage is thrilling, it’s not necessarily something that’s advisable. It is true that sharks are unfairly labeled as bloodthirsty monsters, but the fact remains that they are wild and unpredictable animals.

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