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Watch: Pet Buffalo Plays on a Broken Trampoline

Buffalo in the grass during safari in Serengeti National Park in Tanzani. Wilde nature of Africa. via depositphotos

Watch as this heartwarming clip where a pet buffalo plays on a broken trampoline.

In the vast world of online entertainment, it’s hard to stand out. But one unlikely star has captured hearts and clicks across the internet: Wildthing, a 1,900-pound pet buffalo. It loves nothing more than frolicking in its owner’s garden, especially on their broken trampoline. This article describes a hilarious action of this pet buffalo as it plays on the trampoline, shot by the owners and uploaded on the clip pinned above. 

From Calf to Couple’s Best Buddy

Wildthing’s story is one of unexpected friendship and heartwarming antics. From the moment they welcomed him as a tiny calf, this Texas couple poured their hearts into raising Wildthing. This gentle giant has a surprisingly playful streak. He loves nothing more than dunking imaginary hoops, nuzzling up to fluffy kittens, and, of course, trying to launch himself into the air on their backyard trampoline, sending the internet into fits of laughter. 

The Viral Video That Stole Hearts

Buffalo in the grass during a safari in Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. Wilde nature of Africa. via

A video of Wildthing’s trampoline escapades went viral, uploaded on 6th June 2009. In the clip, the massive buffalo approaches the old, battered trampoline with cautious curiosity. It tentatively steps onto the sagging mat, its hooves bouncing gently and falling to its face. Then, with a playful snort, it tries to launch itself into the air but falls to his face.

Seeing this enormous creature trying to jump looks hilarious and oddly graceful. The video ends with the couple enjoying the play of the pet on the trampoline.  

Inspiring Aspects of Wildthing’s Story

It challenges people’s preconceptions about animals. Buffalos are often seen as dangerous and unpredictable creatures. But Wildthing’s story shows that with proper care and understanding, even the most powerful animals can be gentle and loving companions.

It also highlights the importance of play. Just like any other animal, Wildthing needs to play and have fun. His love for trampolines shows that even the most giant creatures can have a playful side.

The Heartwarming Bond Between Wildthing and His Owners

African Buffalo
African Buffalo Wikimedia Commons

The footage reminds viewers of the power of positive relationships. The parent and child-like relationship between Wildthing and its owners is heartwarming. 

Wildthing’s viral fame is more than just a funny internet moment. The couple not only pets it but treats it like a family member. Wildthing has played best man for the couple’s 5th and 7th wedding anniversary. The couple even celebrate the pet’s birthdays with big celebrations. 

The Pet’s Fame 

The pet buffalo has been a part of the program Pipley’s, believe it or not! It is also featured on a webpage called The Buffalo Whisperer. The pet buffalo can pull skis, snow sleds, plows, and chariots gracefully. The couple have been offered over 16 contracts with Animal Planet till today. They also have five contracts with America Home Funniest Videos and many more.


Wildthing’s story is a reminder that the world is full of surprises. It’s a story that makes us smile, laugh, and maybe even rethink our assumptions about the animal kingdom. So next time, while scrolling through social media feeds, take a moment to watch Wildthing’s trampoline adventures.

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