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Watch: Podcaster Unaware of Snake Dangling Behind Him

“Watch out! There’s a carpet python behind you”.

Guest appearances have become synonymous with podcasts, but for Fresh Perspectives, an Australian strategic consultancy group, they got more than they bargained for.

Murray Darling Carpet Python curled up on rock

During a conversation about greenwashing, Regen Farmers Mutuals Andrew Ward was interrupted by the show’s two hosts, startled by a python dangling in the background.

In true Aussie fashion, Mr. Ward seemed unfazed, referring to them as ‘rodent control officers’ before continuing to converse, leaving the snake to its own devices. Cool and calm, he commented, “It’s only a carpet python.

See The Virtual Sighting Below:

YouTube video
Credit: The Guardian

The Mighty Carpet Python

Carpet pythons (Morelia spilota), often encountered in Australia, are one of the country’s most iconic snake species. Known for their adaptability and striking appearance, these serpents have found a comfortable niche in both natural and urban landscapes.

How Big Can Carpet Pythons Get?

Carpet pythons exhibit considerable size variation, with individuals ranging from six to twelve feet in length. These sleek reptiles are renowned for their slender bodies and distinctive patterns, which can vary significantly among different subspecies and regional populations.

Carpet python – Morelia spilota variegata

Where Carpet Pythons Make Their Home

While commonly associated with Australia, carpet pythons are not exclusive to the continent. They also inhabit New Guinea and surrounding islands. In Australia, they can be found in a variety of habitats, from dense rainforests to open woodlands and even urban areas.

Are Carpet Pythons Native Only to Australia?

Carpet pythons have indeed earned the label of ‘Aussie natives.’ With their widespread presence across the continent, they have become an integral part of Australia’s diverse ecosystems. These adaptable reptiles, however, also thrive in neighboring regions, showcasing their ability to adapt to different environments.

Carpet Pythons as Rodent Control Officers

Australian Carpet Python rsting in hollow log

One of the remarkable features of carpet pythons, as playfully mentioned by Mr. Ward, is their role as efficient rodent control officers. These serpents primarily feed on small mammals, birds, and sometimes reptiles, making them valuable contributors to maintaining ecological balance.

Carpet Pythons in Residential Areas

Carpet pythons are no strangers to urban environments. They often find their way into residential areas, taking advantage of the abundance of potential prey. As adept climbers, they may even venture into trees and rooftops, as seen in the viral podcast incident.

Jungle carpet python snake in good equipped terrarium.

The Varied Colors of Carpet Pythons

The mesmerizing patterns and colors of carpet pythons add to their allure. Ranging from earthy tones to vibrant hues, these snakes display intricate markings that not only serve as camouflage but also make them captivating subjects for wildlife enthusiasts and photographers.

In the midst of a podcast on greenwashing, the unexpected cameo of a carpet python serves as a reminder of the rich biodiversity that coexists with Australians daily. These serpentine residents, whether in the wild or in urban landscapes, contribute to the ecological tapestry of the continent, making them an essential part of Australia’s unique natural heritage.

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