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Watch: Snake Vs. Two Sausage Dogs

snake vs. dogs
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In an ordinary backyard, two chunky sausage dogs engage in a risky game of tug-of-war, or was it snakes and ladders, with a real snake.

In this article we go over the stats of each animal – read to the end to watch the video!

Do Sausage Dogs Have a Hunting Instinct?

dachshund vs. german shepherd
Image via Pixabay

Sausage dogs, or Dachshunds, were originally bred to easily squeeze into burrows so that they could hunt small game, like badgers. Their long bodies and sharp smell are perfect for navigating through tight spaces to flush out prey.

This historical background may explain the dogs’ behavior in the video. Even though these doggos are probably just ordinary pets, their natural propensity to engage with perceived prey remains.

What To Do If You Spot Your Dogs with a Snake

Image by fremoo1918 via Pixabay

Seeing your dogs near, or playing with a snake can be alarming – whether the snake is already dead or not. If the snake is still alive, immediately call your dog in a calm voice to come away from the snake without startling it.

Then, check your dog for any signs of snake bites, and consult a veterinarian immediately if any are found.

A Snake’s Strengths

Boa constrictor
Boa constrictor. Image via Depositphotos

Snakes, depending on their species, may be venomous, or have constricting abilities, which gives them a strong level of defense and attack. Their ability to blend into surroundings gives a strategic advantage in ambush scenarios.

A Sausage Dog’s Strengths

Image by Maria João Correia via Unsplash

Sausage dogs, with their innate hunting abilities, have keen senses, are agile, and are driven to chase down and confront prey. They may, on instinct, attack even snakes.

Their Respective Weaknesses

Image by Henry Lai via Unsplash

Snakes, particularly non-venomous ones, may not be able to properly defend themselves against a quick, agile, noisy attacker like a sausage dog. Their reliance on stealth and surprise may be compromised in such confrontations.

Sausage dogs, despite their bravery and hunting instincts, are generally unprepared for the specialized defense mechanisms of snakes, like venom, and may suffer serious injuries or worse as a result. Their natural curiosity and boldness can inadvertently place them in a life-threatening situation.


YouTube video
Coyoteman Grady Gann on YouTube

Dogs have a tendency to sniff out all sorts of things to play with, but a snake isn’t usually one of them. One of the most important jobs of dog parents is to keep them away from unsuitable playthings, as their natural curiosity can pose a real danger to them.

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