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Watch Starfish Walking on the Beach

Starfish Walking on the Beach
Starfish Walking on the Beach. Image by Zeb Hallock via YouTube
Watch Starfish Walking on the Beach. Credit: Zeb Hallock – Source: YouTube

Did you know that a starfish could walk using it’s little legs (tube feet) under its big five legs?! During a walk along the shoreline, one would expect to see the gentle waves lapping or maybe the occasional seashell scattered along the sand. but in this case, we have a dancing starfish using its delicate legs to propel itself forward!

Starfish Locomotion

Some species of starfish have amazing adaptations that let them to move on land. Starfish use hundreds of tube feet located on their undersides to create a hydraulic suction force. This lets them move across surfaces, such as sandy beaches.

Furthermore, starfish may explore dry land during low tides in search of food or to escape predators.

The Anatomy of Starfish Feet

Invertebrates: starfish
Starfish on a beach sand near water. Image via Depositphotos

Starfish have specialized structures called tube feet. These feet extend from their undersides and are a key component in locomotion. Each tube foot has a suction cup-like structure called a podium. This attaches to surfaces and creates a seal. This allows the starfish to move via hydraulic pressure.

Starfish can coordinate the movement of their tube feet through a hydraulic system powered by water vascular canals. This lets them glide across various surfaces.

Physical Characteristics of Starfish

Pink Starfish
By Espen Rekdal, Wikimedia Commons

In addition to their tube feet, starfish have a unique radial symmetry and a water vascular system that regulates their body functions, including movement and feeding.

Starfish come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Some species have intricate patterns and spiny exteriors for protection.

Starfish have amazing regenerative abilities. They are capable of regrowing lost limbs and even regenerating into new individuals from a single severed arm.

Bottom Line

Overall, after our exploration of starfish, let’s continue to amaze ourselves at nature and the extraordinary creatures that inhabit our world. From the gentle lap of the tides to the intricate dance of the starfish, the shoreline gives us endless things to see and learn from!

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