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Watch: Struggling 13ft Great White Shark Washed Up on Australian Beach

Image by peternile via Depositphotos

It was along the treacherous Tweed Coast of New South Wales, near Kingscliff beach where a mammoth 13ft great white shark washed up on the shore.

On Monday morning, local officials, from police to lifeguards, where alerted and quick action ensued. It’s reported that the shark, which is female, had been swimming erratically before coasting up on the shore, suggesting it to be weak, injured or both.

Once in a blue moon, sea creatures are known to wash up on beaches, often already dead, and usually a species of whale – rarely is it an apex predator.

great white
Great white shark, South Africa. Image by via Depositphotos.

While officials were rushing to the scene, so to where Gold Coast’s Sea World veterinary team. One member commented on the animal’s health, ‘sadly, the shark was in a poor condition after beaching and the Sea World veterinary team administered medications to make the shark comfortable while it was humanely euthanised… it appeared to have underlying health issues, with the thrashing behaviour seen in the shallows prior to the beaching not typical for the species.’

After gathering research, the engine of a bulldozer reignited, which then proceeded to move the shark, gently and safely, back towards the water.

YouTube video
“Video of great white shark thrashing around in shallow water”, Source: Youtube, Uploaded:

The Diet of Great White Sharks

great white
Great White Shark. Image credit: Flickr by Elias Levy

The combination of being an apex predator and an opportunistic feeder means there diet varies between fish, invertebrates and marine mammals. In some instances, when food is scarce, it’s whatever is within its proximity.

Their hunting technique revolves around ambush tactics or stalking their prey before launching a powerful burst of speed to catch them by surprise. And if they’re within biting distance, there’s often little hope for the prey, not only because of its velocity and power, but also due to their serrated teeth that can shred through skin with relative ease.

Great white
Great white breaching. Image by Mlbay via Pixabay

Regarding their preference, it’s everything from fish, seals, and sea lions to dolphins, and even other smaller sharks. But when these aren’t around, a great white’s precise hunting skills and adaptability allows them to target a wide range of prey species.

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