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Watch This Huge Rhino Scratching an Itch

white rhino scratching an itch

Your daily dose of entertainment from the African savannah: a massive white rhino indulging in a satisfying scratch! Surely you’re familiar with the indescribable satisfaction of scratching an itch that’s been driving you crazy – and so is this rhino.

Let’s zoom in on this amusing sight and get to know the second-largest land mammal!

Getting To Know the White Rhino

white rhino scratching an itch
White Rhino getting in a good scratch
©Africa Adventures

The white rhino, a symbol of conservation success, is one of the two African rhino species. Contrary to its name, the ‘white’ in white rhino is a misinterpretation of the Afrikaans word ‘wyd,’ referring to its wide mouth adapted for grazing.

These magnificent beasts are the second-largest land mammals after elephants. They are characterized by their immense size, broad, square lips, and two horns made of keratin. White rhinos are generally more sociable than their black counterparts. Often, you find them in small, tranquil groups.

White Rhino Vs. Black Rhino

black rhino
Black Rhino
©Bernard Dupont

The white and black rhinos, despite their names, share a similar grayish color. The key differences lie in their size, lip shape, and behavior. Black rhinos are smaller, more aggressive, and solitary compared to the calmer and larger white rhinos.

The most distinctive feature is their upper lip; black rhinos have a pointed lip for browsing foliage, while white rhinos have a flat, wide lip for grazing.

Rhino Scratching an Itch: The Video

YouTube video

This video captures the hilarious moment of a massive white rhino scratching its itch on a rock. The sheer size of the animal is awe-inspiring, as it skillfully uses the rock to reach areas it otherwise couldn’t. This behavior is not just a quest for comfort; it’s a vital part of the rhino’s routine to remove parasites and dead skin.

We all know the sweet relief of finally scratching an itch that’s been bothering us.

How Do Rhinos Mark Their Territory?

Rhino and rescuer bond
Rhino and Rescuer Share a Tender Moment of Affection ©Herd Elephant Orphanage South Africa YouTube

Rhinos have unique ways of marking their territory, crucial for their communication and survival.

One of the primary methods is through their dung, which they strategically deposit at specific spots known as ‘middens.’ These serve as information centers, conveying messages about the individual’s age, sex, and reproductive status. Rhinos also use urine spraying and scraping their feet to leave scent trails.

This tells us that this incident isn’t about territory marking, at least not primarily. This is simply just a good scratch.

The Black Market of Rhino Horns

Rhinos face a grave threat from poaching, driven by the black market for their horns. Their horns are highly valued in some cultures for their supposed medicinal properties and as a status symbol.

Sadly, in areas where poaching is ripe, animal conservationists cut off their horns. Although sad, it is better to be horn-less than be killed for their horns!

Rhino Scratching an Itch: Conclusion


The video of a white rhino scratching an itch is an amusing reminder that we can relate to animals in more ways than we think. This rhino clearly knows the relief of getting to an itch that’s been bothering you, and so do we.

But despite the humorous sight, let this also highlight how beautiful these endangered creatures are.

Thank you for reading this story about the rhino scratching an itch! To learn more about this species in need of our help, take a look at these posts:

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