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Watch What Happens When This Parrot Interrupts This News Reporter

Parrot stealing a news reporter's airpod from its ear. Image Generated by Alana Theron with DALL-E/Midjourney.

Imagine a sunny day, a bustling city scene, and a news reporter amid an engaging interview. Now, add an unexpected twist: an Argentine parrot with a penchant for adventure and technology. This isn’t the beginning of a quirky animation film but a real-life incident that unfolded, leaving viewers both amused and amazed. Argentine parrots, known for their vibrant personalities and striking intelligence, have again captured our hearts, this time with a hilarious act of mischief, when it interrupts a news braodcast.

The Charismatic Argentine Parrots

The monk parakeet, Myiopsitta monachus, also known as the Quaker parrot, is a species of true parrot in the family Psittacidae. Image by hejrazdvatri on depositphotos.

Argentine parrots, or Monk Parakeets as they are scientifically known, are small, green birds native to South America.

They are celebrated for their social nature, often seen chattering in groups in the wild.

Their adaptability has allowed them to make homes in urban areas, bringing a splash of nature to city landscapes.

Their intelligence is not just a myth; these birds are quick learners with a knack for solving puzzles.

A Moment of Mischief

Argentine Parrot steals news reporters airpod mid broadcasting. Image by undercover_birb on Instagram.

The scene is set, the camera rolls and the interview begins. Enter our feathery protagonist, an Argentine parrot with an eye for shiny objects.

In a bold move, it swoops down and snatches an AirPod right from the ear of the unsuspecting reporter.

The moment, captured on camera, shows the parrot’s swift approach and precise execution, leaving the reporter in bewildered silence.

 This act of feathery thievery is not just a testament to the parrot’s agility but also to its curious nature.

The Pursuit of Technology

Argentine Parrots eating fruit on a fence. Image by erdel99 on depositphotos.

Why would a parrot be interested in an AirPod? It’s not just the allure of the shiny object but perhaps the intrigue of human technology.

Argentine parrots are known to be attracted to objects that stimulate their curiosity, and this incident highlights their interest in our world.

It’s a humorous reminder of how wildlife can intersect unexpectedly with our daily lives, bringing a moment of joy and laughter amidst the routine.

A Viral Sensation

Lone argentine parrot sitting on a tree branch. Image by ferdel99 on depostiphotos.

The video of this hilarious encounter quickly spread across the internet, capturing the hearts of millions.

Not every day, you see a parrot engaging so directly with human gadgets.

This incident has spotlighted the playful side of Argentine parrots and reminded us of the unexpected moments of connection between humans and animals.

The video has become a symbol of the delightful surprises that nature can provide.

Lessons from a Feathered Friend

Several Argentine parrots (Myiopsitta monachus) taking a bath in a puddle. Image by Jossfoto on depositphotos.

This amusing incident teaches us to appreciate the lighter moments in life.

It reminds us that nature is full of surprises and that animals, like the Argentine parrot, have their own ways of interacting with the human world.

It’s a call to observe, enjoy, and respect the wildlife around us, even when it decides to partake in our digital age in the most unexpected ways.


Argentine parrots in a tree branch. Image by lmperez on depositphotos.

The story of an Argentine parrot stealing a news reporter’s AirPod mid-interview is more than just a viral video.

It’s a testament to these remarkable birds’ intelligence, curiosity, and playful nature.

This incident brings a smile to our faces and prompts a deeper appreciation for the interactions between humans and animals.

In a world where technology often dominates our attention, it’s refreshing to see nature’s ability to steal the spotlight, even if just for a moment.

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