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Watch: What To Do If Charged By A Raging Bear

What To Do If Charged By A Raging Bear
What To Do If Charged By A Raging Bear. Image by @alaskamountaingypsy via YouTube
CHARGING BEAR in Alaska backs down when confronted. Source: YouTube, Uploaded: @alaskamountaingypsy

Have you ever wondered what might scare off an angry bear? Well, look no further as in this article we will be covering techniques on bear scare tactics. As we see in the video above we can witness one of the scare tactics first hand; yelling and making loud noises.

In Alaska, a photographer stands on an open plain as an enraged bear charges towards him. In the heat of the moment, the man starts yelling and stomping towards the bear. Then, in a turn of events the bear starts to slow down and turns away, running away from the man.

Let’s learn way of how to protect ourselves from a bear…

Non-threatening Techniques

Brown Bear (Ursus arctos) swimming in a river. Image via depositphotos.
  • Make a noise! As demonstrated in the video above, make noises while hiking to avoid surprising bears.
  • Travel in groups. Bears are less likely to approach a group of people.
  • Keep a clean campsite to avoid attracting bears with food smells!

Using Deterrents

  • Carry bear spray!
  • Use air horns, whistles, or bear bells to alert bears of your presence.
  • Consider carrying a deterrent like bear bangers or flares in bear-prone areas.

Actions to Take if Confronted

Baby Black Bear.
Baby Black Bear. Image by via Depositphotos
  • Stay calm and avoid sudden movements.
  • Slowly back away while facing the bear.
  • If attacked, use bear spray or any available object to defend yourself and make a noise!

Bottom Line

Overall, after learning all the tactics of keeping yourself safe from a bear, it is also so important for us to respect these grizzly beasts space too! If we educate ourselves about our ecosystems animals, we can all live together for generations to come.

Thanks for reading along. For more, check out our related article link below.

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