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When A Dog Lies On Its Resume About Having Previous Sheepdog Experience

Scottish Terriers, affectionately known as Scottie dogs, are small yet spirited creatures, famed for their courage and loyalty. Despite their small size, they have a tenacious spirit that often leads them to unexpected adventures. In a delightful video captured on social media, one such Scottie attempts to embrace the role of a sheepdog with hilarious results. Making us wonder if the dog lied on its resume about have previous sheepdog experience.

A Brief History

Scottish terrier. Image via depositphotos.

Originating from the Scottish Highlands, Scottie dogs have a rich history dating back centuries. Bred for their resilience and hunting prowess, these dogs were valued companions of Scottish clans. Their distinctive appearance, with a wiry coat and pointed ears, has made them iconic figures in popular culture.

The Quirks of Scottie Personalities

White (wheaten) scottish terrier, sitting on gravel road with orange leaves during autumn, yellow tree forest in background. Image via depositphotos.

Despite their small stature, Scotties possess a bold and independent demeanor. They are known for their stubbornness and often exhibit a strong-willed nature that adds to their charm. While they may be loving and affectionate towards their families, they can also display a feisty attitude. Especially when faced with challenges.

Scotties and Their Unlikely Pursuits

White West Highland Terrier Puppy on the stairs, street. He looks into the lens. A little friend. Image via depositphotos.

In the pursuit of adventure, Scottie dogs are known to surprise their owners with their curious endeavors. From chasing squirrels in the backyard to attempting to herd unsuspecting creatures. Their playful antics never fail to bring a smile to those around them. Their innate curiosity and determination often lead them to explore new roles, sometimes with comical outcomes.

When A Dog Lies On Its Resume About Having Previous Sheepdog Experience…

Scottish terrier trying to herd sheep. Image by dogorcatlover on Instagram.

In the viral video that captured the hearts of many, a Scottie dog embarks on a noble quest to become a sheepdog. With determination, the brave canine sets out to herd a flock of sheep, perhaps inspired by ancestral instincts or sheer curiosity. However, despite his best efforts, the sheep are intrigued by this small companion and make it their mission to chase down the dog, who, in turn, loves absolutely every moment of this spectacle.

Embracing the Joy of Being a Scottie

White, wheaten, Scottish terrier, sitting on green grass lawn. Cute home animal in the garden. White dog in the green grass. Dog in the wild orchid in the forest. Image via depositphotos.

While the Scottie’s attempt at sheepherding may not have been a resounding success, it exemplifies the playful and adventurous spirit of these remarkable dogs. Rather than being deterred by failure, the Scottie embraces each experience with enthusiasm and determination.


Small puppy of West Highland White Terrier in winter forest. Very cute. Scottish terrier trying to herd sheep. Image via depositphotos.

In the end, the video of the Scottie dog attempting to be a sheepdog is a reminder of the unique personalities and indomitable spirit of these beloved companions. I hope you enjoyed reading about when a dog lies on its resume about previous sheepdog experience. To read more stories like this, check out the articles below:

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