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Wildlife Photographer Comes Amazingly Close to a Rare Arctic Fox

photographer comes close to arctic fox
Image by Sten Forster via YouTube

For a wildlife enthusiast, this is basically a dream come true – this photographer comes so close to this arctic fox that he could touch it.

I’m sure you also dream about seeing rare wildlife up close. While it’s not often we find ourselves in arctic regions, and even rarer that we get to meet shy species like the arctic fox, we can at least enjoy the incredible footage brought to us by dedicated wildlife photographers.

How Big Are Arctic Foxes?

arctic fox
Image via Unsplash

Actually, a more fitting question for us to ask would be, “How small are Arctic Foxes?”. On average, they weigh between 6 to 10 pounds and measure 55 inches from nose to tail tip at most.

Their small size is actually an advantage – it plays an important role in conserving heat and means that they can easily navigate through snow to hunt for prey. 

Why Their Fur Is Crucial For Their Survival

The fur of the Arctic fox serves as more than mere covering; it’s a lifeline.

The color of the fur shifts with the seasons. In winter, it turns white to blend into the snowy landscape. Similarily, in summer, it turns brown to match the surrounding earth and rocks.

As its name clues us in on, the Arctic fox lives in an Arctic environment. Here, temperatures can drop to as low as -58°F. Without its dense fur, the Arctic Fox would suffer hypothermia in a heartbeat. 

Their Fur Is Also Partially Why They’re Endangered

Ironically, the very thing that ensures the survival of the Arctic fox is also what has caused them to become endangered.

Their beautiful fur has made them a target for hunters and the fur trade. That being said, hunting isn’t the only threat. Climate change makes their situation even worse by changing their habitat and the availability of prey. 

The Rare Footage: Wildlife Photographer Comes Amazingly Close to Arctic Fox

YouTube video
Encounter a young wild white Arctic Fox in Greenland”, Source: YouTube, Uploaded: Stefan Forster

The video tells the story of a photographer who’s been exploring Greenland’s icy places for ten years. Then, one day, for the first time ever, he spots a pure white Arctic fox from far away.

He decides to follow it, and this chase ends up with the fox getting super close to him. The cool part? The fox isn’t scared at all. It even nibbles on the photographer’s camera lens hood, creating a special moment I would do anything to experience myself.

Wrapping Up

arctic fox
Image via Depositphotos

We can’t all be wildlife photographers, but at least we can experience their breathtaking adventures through the lens of their cameras. Which animal do you dream of encountering in the wild?

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